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It might seem like Kardashian Beauty Hair products can only be used on long, glamourous or straight hair but that is not the case. I got the opportunity to review Kardashian Beauty hair by using it on my own natural, relaxed hair and I’m glad to tell you that Kardashian Beauty Hair doesn’t discriminate. Kardashian Beauty hair is for all races and all hair textures.

When I go overseas, specifically to the UK, I get a whole lot of hair products that I might not necessarily find in South African stores. One of my best finds was a leave in conditioner (forgot the brand). Leave in conditioners are hard to find especially in hair brands made dominantly for course hair. When I shampoo my hair, I want to just wash the shampoo off and leave, be done. But hair has to be conditioned if you want it to look great. Shampoo takes away any moisture the hair had; conditioner puts it back and makes it smoother and more manageable, wavy and loose.

But the process of washing hair twice can be time consuming, that’s why I was so excited when I received my package from Glamit and eventually used the Kardashian beauty hair Black Seed Oil Leave in conditioner. It’s easy!!!  It honestly makes life so much better and less time consuming. Now I don’t even have to wash my hair if I feel it has no life, I just spray a bit of Kardashian beauty hair Black seed oil leave in conditioner and blow dry and set. Just like that. And it looks amazing!!!

Black Seed Oil is rich in antioxidants. It has essential vitamins, moisturizes, strengthens, protects and rejuvenates. The Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Oil Rejuvenating Hair Care product line targets dry, dull, overworked hair to dramatically enhance shine, luster and body, and transforms hair into full-bodied styles that shine. Now why wouldn’t anyone want that?

Part of the reasons why course hair takes a while to grow is the lack of moisturizers in hair. Lack of moisture is equal to breakage. Kardashian Seed oil is none breakage which is equal to hair growth. Kardashian Beauty helps hair look awesome but also assists growing it. It does this by helping hair remain moisturized (black seed oil), which is always a plus

You can find Kardashian beauty Hair at selected Foschini stores national wide and if you are not clear on which stores, Kardashian beauty website http://kardashiansa.co.za/ or SHOP THE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER HERE and shop all Kardashian Beauty products HERE.

Special thanks to Glamit for sending me these luxurious Kardashian beauty hair products. Love them!! N.B this is not a sponsored post, just giving my honest opinion on Kardashian Beauty South Africa. I will how ever be writing another review on the  Twirl Me Curl-Defining Cream-Gel (which im really looking forward to) once I have a weave again or when I want to curl my natural hair. I will be brutally honest, as always.

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  1. Why are you so beautiful? im obsessed!

    1. Lol thanks Mpho. ?

  2. Melody says:

    I always thought Kardashian beauty is expensive but I’ll try it out.
    By The way… you look lovely

    1. Aaaahhhh… thank you and, please do check them out.. worth ever cent.

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