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I’ve been wanting to do this Kardashian Beauty Curl defining Gel Review ever since I received the package about 4 weeks ago. I unfortunately could not do a weave or long hair review  using this product as I had gotten tired of the weave and had already started rocking my natural hair. Not having a weave gave me the chance to try on the Kardashian Beauty Hair care products using my natural and as I said in THIS POST, THE Black seed oil  has really helped my edges

Now that we got a weave on let me tell you about the Kardashian Beauty Curl defining gel

When I have a weave on the most important thing is to try take care of my natural hair beneath as well as the weave on top because no one has time to buy a Brazilian weave every month. (This ish is Expensive). I’ve had this Brazilian weave for a little over a year now but recently got a new closure. What I usually use to keep weave silky but not oily is silicone. The silicone I used to use is from Dis-chem.

But things have worked a little different this time around. Kardashian Beauty Curl defining gel has been good to my hair/ weave.  And this is how:

Kardashian Beauty Curl defining Gel Controls Frizz: I said good bye to split ends the day I started using it. Guys, it’s not a miracle, so re-use is recommended after every two to three days to control frizz. But I’m happy with it.

Kardashian Beauty Curl defining gel is Easy To Use, light weight and none greasy: What hurts a lot of weaves are greasy weave/ hair products.  Too much oil drags the hair down, clogs it and zaps away any life the hair once had. In short, too much oil makes weave/ hair strands stick together and thus limiting its movement. So hair stops being flowy. #And IHateThat.

Kardashian Beauty Curl defining gel Smells Great: I always say this: Girls whose hair smells horrible are not in a relationship. LOL! Your boyfriend is one of the few people that comes REALLY CLOSE TO YOU. Kisses your forehead, strokes your face and brushes his cheeks on yours. If hair smells bad, boyfriend or friends will hint. But, when there is no one telling you about how bad your hair smells, then you are ‘single’ because your family would tell you as they only want the best for you. I Love the Kardashian Beauty curl defining gel because it helps your hair stay smelling awesome.

Kardashian Beauty Curl defining gel actually does what its name suggests. When styling this hair I pumped a little on the palm of my hand then stroked the products in the weave. I then heat curled my hair which got it looking like this. When I do this the curls usually stay for 24 hours and if you want to ‘reach’, don’t vigorously brush it, then the curls could stay for over   48 hours, but lightly.

So there you have it ladies!! My honest opinion on the Kardashian beauty Curl defining gel. Hope this helps make a decision on whether you should purchase for yourself  or for your lady or not. But if you want to purchase Kardashian Beauty products go to Selected Foschini stores and if you want to purchase it easy peasy online, visit Glamit South Africa

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