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Dinner ideas for the modern human

The question should never be ‘can you cook’, When you meet a girl for the first time. When a guy asks a woman if she can or cannot cook, the answer will always be, ‘yes I can’, to impress him. It’s rare to find a woman that says out right that she wasn’t gifted with the talent of cooking on the first date. And if she is able to say that to his face, then she got BALLS!!! We all want to put our best foot forward, so why shoot ourselves in the same ‘best foot’?

The question should be, ‘do you have time to cook’? As most women know the art of cooking, but haven’t got the time to do so. These days girls work as hard as or even harder than men. Getting home sometimes even later than their spouses and it’s unfair to expect her to cook everyday although, I am aware that there are a lot of women out there that cook seven days a week.

But cooking every day can get a bit boring. There are only so many dinner ideas you can get off the internet that don’t include, meat, veggies and starch, which is the typical South African or Universal kind of dinner.

The most incredible or horrible thing the mind can do is adapt. The mind adapts to EVERYTHING. After some time, what was once beautiful and dazzling becomes normal and mundane. Yes, even food. Do you have a specific dish that you LOVE so much that you don’t eat it every day? Yep, you love it so much you don’t want to get used to it right?? A catch 22!

Going back to dinner ideas;

  • Most women know how to cook, but any woman can be taught to cook what YOU LIKE.
  • Being pretty doesn’t mean she spends most of her hours on the mirror. LOL Why spend hours in the mirror looking at what God naturally gave? Being a good chef is not dependent on ones outward appearance.
  • A good cook is neither fat nor skinny. Some of the best cooks have the fastest metabolisms. A big girl can order pizza every evening instead of looking for dinner ideas, but so can a thinner one.


Now that I’ve schooled you on something about women and cooking, let me add that; Women these days don’t ALWAYS COOK dinner regardless if they know how to cook or not. Ladies these days GATHER dinner. The entire meal doesn’t have to be from Woolies, but some of it can be. It’s not a sin when you are too tired or lack the time to prepare a three course meal.

The food I cooked was.

  1. Turkey
  2. Chilly Beef stew,
  3. Rice with Parsley
  4. What I gathered was the cheese, chicken and tomato macaroni salad from woolies.

Why spend two hours in the kitchen when you can spend just one hour and spend the rest getting ready for dinner by tacking a hot shower and wearing a cute outfit. You can also use that extra hour to catch up with work or be with your spouse or hang out with your kids.


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