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John Kani Lion King photo op missing and South Africans are upset

John Kani Lion King Photo op is a total mystery. John Kani was left out of the Lion King Photo op and South Africans are upset.

Everyone apart from John Kani and Earl Jones was in the Lion King Photo op for the Lion King Promo photo. The Lion King will be released for all to see on the 19th of July 2019.

There are hypothetically a couple of reason why John Kani didn’t appear in the photo op. Either he couldn’t be there or he didnt want to be there. Either way, they could have photo-shopped him in the photo. For happiness of the people.

I mean, if we are going to have a world wide movie premier that has South African actors in it, the budget should have been there for the photo op.

But, lets also not forget that John Kani is a King himself ,who doesn’t need to be in photos with people ‘we’ deem ‘important’. During an interview with eNCA, John Kani shared a funny story about why he didn’t take a picture with Beyoncé during one of their meetings. When asked by his daughter why he didnt take a picture with Beyonce, he responded and I said, ‘she didn’t ask for it’,” John joked.

To be very clear, John Kani should have been in the Lion king Movie photo op Periodt!. It’s a really simple thing taking a picture from anywhere in the world and photo-shopping it with the rest, if he couldn’t be there. I mean the Lion King is such a BIG movie. Music videos do a better job at combining video footage from different parts of the world and making it look seamless. As if it was taken in the same location.

There are so many different examples of different location footage combined into one. Goodbye by Jason Derulo featuring Nicki Minaj is one. Nicki Minaj was in another country when she recorded her visuals. Same as with David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj. The Visuals were taken on different days and at different locations. Let’s also not forget the visuals for Motorsport by Migos featuring Nicki Minaj and Cardi b. Nicki took them the following day, or something like that, because of scheduling conflicts etc.

I know the references are music videos but I’m sure you understand where I’m going with this. THEY COULD HAVE PHOTO-SHOPPED BOTH EARL JONES AND JOHN KANI IN THE LION KING PHOTO OP.

That being said, we will all probably go and watch Disneys the Lion King but if we could boycott it for not including our Fave international South African actor John Kani, we would. But we are not going to boycott the Lion King because we still want to support our own.

And, we aren’t sure why John Kani wasn’t in the photo. Maybe he chose to do so, we don’t know. But because we have little information, I suggest we not jump into conclusions.

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