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I posted something on my Facebook wall talking about how much anxiety I get when I think about parking my car. The thing is that I don’t want to scratch anyone’s car but in the process I forget that driving is always a learning experience no matter how much experience you already have. So with that being said, I’ve parked properly and I am now sitting at Life Grand writing this article. I will most probably post about my Life Grand Experience in the upcoming blog post but today its all about the Jimmy Choo ELLICIT Perfume!!!

I bought this Jimmy Choo ELLICIT perfume after initially going to buy another delicious smelling, feminine and grown woman perfume. I bought this one ( Jimmy Choo ELLICIT)  at Dischem and the only reason I bought it at Dischem was because the sales lady there really sold it to me and believe me, I haven’t looked back. Ok, let me try to describe the Jimmy Choo ELLICIT perfume to you, if you haven’t already tested it.

I’ve just sprayed it on my wrists ,so its been there for a few minute now. Its smells floral with a touch of spice. Its not girly at all but its feminine and strong. The strength of this perfume is not to overpowering.. I like strong perfumes because I like to smell my perfumes on my body throughout the day. Some people say that the nose gets used to the perfume and therefore you stop smelling it, but I say ,I should at least smell hints of it.  I love getting complimented when wearing a perfume I love so  if the perfume is too subtle, what’s the deal? I see no point.  The Jimmy Choo ELLICIT perfume in a nut shell, smells floral with a bit of spice, according to me. And that’s why I recommend this perfume for you to try on or keep as an ongoing on and off purchase.

You can purchase the perfume directly from Dischem HERE


jimmy choo ellicit perfume

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