Jeremy Scott moschino 2016


If I had to describe Jeremy Scott’s collection for Moschino at New York Fashion Week, I would use the following words, in their order.






To be totally honest with you, watching Jeremy Scotts Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection was like watching one of the many crazy scenes in Zoolander 2. I kept asking myself; would I wear that? What kind of person would wear that, over and over again with each presentation, one exit at a time.

The kinds of people that wear Moschino are individuals that are not afraid to take risks. In essence we all, at one time or another, wore something similar to Moschino runway. Moschino runway sometimes shows such dramatic looks that it look like a circus. But incorporating Moschino into everyday day is pretty easy. Take an item from Moschino and pair it with something else from a different brand, or something not as eye catching or bold. The mix between the two gives perfect cemetery.

Fashion is not just about getting off the runway collections and wearing them. Being fashionable is wearing the latest trends but also knowing how to style them appropriately for the occasion.

Fashion isn’t meant to be boring and that’s exactly what Jeremy Scott does with all his collections. Its never boring. That’s why we always feature him. He takes risks, and they always pay off. I bet you there is no one you know that is successful today that didn’t jump start by taking a risk, hard work, determination and dedication.

Moschino is not limited to young girls that attend social markets all over the country. Although outfits inspired by Moschino always trend. People are bored of the normal. People are bored whether you are a teenager or a grown ass woman. It feels good to take off the power suit on weekends and just enjoy life, wearing bright fun outfits eating hotdogs in the warm sun and carrying around a hand bag in the shape of a strawberry #Moschino LOL.

When I first started writing this article, I thought there were things I would take away from Jeremy Scotts show. But quick frankly, after doing more research, I realize we need people like Jeremy Scott. We need fashion designers not afraid to go against the grain so that we, as normal people, who are none fashion designers, can have proper choices on weekends.

In this particular spring summer fashion show of Jeremy Scott for Moschino, I personally love the huge face prints on the shirt / jumpers/ dresses. I also love the faded face prints on the light blue/ white dress. It was Interesting to see the pink jumpsuit and the quire swim suit. The cartoon/ animated green and white 2 pieces skirt and top are hilariously lovely and my personal favorite. The black skirt and the black shirt with a white woman’s legs on as a tie got me in stiches.


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