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The Jamaican Black Castor oIL has long been used to treat receding hairlines and grow natural afro hair. The only issue I had with the Jamaican Black Castor is that it smells bad. You will get long, luscious and beautiful hair I tell you, but at a price. If you’ve done your research on hair growth for black girls or hair in general, you will notice that taking care of the hair line and using the correct products for the natural hair type is very essential.

While people have long hair, curly hair, brown hair, black, blonde, brunette hair etc. But for black Africans, the need to separate our hair type has never been an issue until now. Quite frankly, I didn’t know that African hair has different textures until my early 20s. For me it had always just been afro and relaxed.

Castor oil has many uses, the raw one, unrefined, unmixed etc. is a one stop shop. But the raw castor oil smells way better than the Original Jamaica Black castor oil. I remember trying the original Jamaican black castor oil and praying for the bottle to finish. It’s hard to be in a relationship when your hair smells funky every night, so it was such a relief when I found out the Jamaican Black castor oil comes in different scents.  The one I am currently using on my hair line is the one that’s mixed with coconut. What a relief!!!

The Jamaican Black Caster oil is great for hair growth and hairline, trust me, I’m using it and I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE. It’s been a month now and I’m happy with the product. Its yellow brow, not good for white sheets and pillows so make sure you put it on in the morning and later in the evening sleep with a conditioning silk cap to prevent your hair product from staining your white sheets.

Id recommend this Jamaican Black castor oil only because I see a little difference and because its the only thing I’ve tried (on its own) that’s worked.

There are several hair products for afro textured hair out there in the market that do wonders. Read this.

So, if you struggling with hairline

  1. Don’t do hair styles that pull your edges back like straight back corn rows, rather do the onces that fall from the middle to the side.
  2. Protect your edges when wearing wigs, some of this stick o wigs are not good for you
  3. Massage Jamaican Black Castor oil in relaxed on afro textured hair maximum two times a week.

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