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Love for my hair and the Love of my Life

I can tell you right now, for free, that sisterly love from my friends has been warm while living in a cold world. A love that I did enjoy receiving was the fondness from different guys that wanted to tether themselves to me throughout the years. Some have loved me deeply and to the core. Some have wanted nothing from me but to show me a pure form of loving. But some have not been that nice. Today’s blog is about Jabu Stone launch, love for my hair but also the love of my life.

What is life if it is excluded from love? The many years I have spent on mother earth have been a rollercoaster of feelings. During my teenage years, I was sad a lot. My dad and I do not have the best relationship, and my mother was in another country trying to build a good life for us. I then graduated from being a teenager to becoming a young adult. This is when I started to experience love.  I didn’t receive much ‘respect’ from my hair, nor did I think I would ever learn to love it back. But the love I did receive from people helped me appreciate every single part of my body, including my curly hair.

B, have you ever been in love?

If you asked me, B, have you ever been in love? I would say yes, several times. And if you asked me, B, tell me a story of the lips you kissed and the man whose arms your body found rest… I would say… ok. Let me tell you about the time summer sang within me and spring bloomed on my skin. I will also tell you about the time when the fragrance of his love filled my nose, and the warmth of his hands quietened the beating of my heart. I’ll tell you about the pillars of his mind that soothed a distant pain. Let me tell you about LOVE.

Every couple of years, I meet a person who looks and feels like he was created for me. And that is the beauty of life. We do not just have one person whom we call a soulmate that comes into our lives and makes us realize why it didn’t work with other people. And it is so important to understand that when you do not settle and give life and love a chance, you will find what you are looking for. To love is divine.

I loved him

I loved him… I adored him. But before I loved or adored him, he opened his heart to me. And I saw him. When I first met him, I was like a leaf holding on to summer—scared, not wanting to move. My life of solitude had crippled my feelings for love. Solitude had been caused by meeting the wrong people and mistaking their attention for love. But I learned, and the lesson was learned quickly.

When he first begged to spend time with me. I wasn’t sure. My heart was wavering, but I liked that he was obsessed with me. A little self-absorbed on my part? But I needed to know that what he felt for me was real.

He continued to tell me that he loved me by showing me daily.  The roses that arrived every Sunday, the picnics we went to whenever we had the chance and the pet names he called me sounded like a quiet waterfall on a summer afternoon.

Why did I love him?

Why did I love him? Oh, let me tell you. The cute invitations he would send me for a particular date night. My inbox would include specially curated artwork of dinner invitations. The effort, the determination, the endless compliments.

But the highest declaration of his fondness

 must be when we lay on 2 pillows, on his bed, facing each other, and he asked me what I wanted. I couldn’t speak because I was scared, and I didn’t want to get hurt again. Then he whispered softly…

Allow the ghosts of your past to remain in the graveyard. Allow me to silence the storm that lives in your head. And always turn to me at midnight when you want to cry. I cannot change what deep affection has come and gone. But allow me to be the summer you deserve and heat from a blanket when it’s cold.

With those words, I was sold…And that is when things changed.

Falling in love with my Hair

Because I had fallen in love with him, it was so much easier to fall in love with my hair. The twists in my hair are like lyrics to a special song. The thickness is like the glue that binds us together, and The Jabu Stone Hair Launch was a reminder of how much I love my hair. And how romanticising it has made me appreciate my natural hair and see it for the beauty it is. My romantic relationships make it easier to understand hair love. My hair seems wild to others, but it is tame in my eyes. Soft, raven, black-brown, like the amazing men in my life.

Featuring Ayanda Jiya and read more about hair HERE and HERE and look forward to the Jabu Stone Hair Product review in the upcoming article.

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