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Is Lady Zamar Charlotte? Guys, I heard this song (Lady Zamar Charlotte) in an UBER , the guy was bopping his head and turning up and im like… wow, minding my own business, that sounds like my sisters voice  and lo and behold. OH my gosh!!! I said very loudly, that’s Lady Zama!! I screamed and we turned up the volume and turnt up together to Lady Zamar

Lyrics of Prince Kaybee feat Laydi Zamar Charlotte

I need to be alone now

Right now right here with you (x4)

hhhmmm… I need to speak to Charlotte I need to call Charlotte I need to tell Charlotte He don’t need you Charlotte

I need to speak to Charlotte I need to see Charlotte I need to tell Charlotte We don’t need you Charlotte

I need to be alone now Right now right here with you (x4)

Meaning of Charlotte by Prince Kaybee

After hearing Lady Zamar Charlotte I immediately called her and asked what’s the song about and her response was so inspirational, witty, intellectual and smart.

Story behind Lady Zamar Charlotte:

A Charlatan: is a person who pretends to have knowledge or skills so basically a person who is deceptive

So looking at this whole thing she figured the best name to use for this song is Charlotte as its similar to Charlatan. And since Lady Zamar is a woman, Charlotte would be the best name.

Charlotte Is based on a very common situation everyone across the world has experienced at one time or another. You are happy and nothing is wrong in your relationship then suddenly a woman’s name comes up while your man is sleeping and u start thinking… Who is she (this lady) basically.

In this particular song (Kaybee Lady Zamar Charlotte) it’s a woman who hears her husband, spouse talking in his sleep and he always says the name Charlotte, except for this name uttered whilst asleep there is no other mention or tale tell sign to indicate cheating or unfaithfulness.

Hence the woman in Lady Zamar Charlotte almost pleads with her husband/partner that she wants to be alone with him, she wants to get to the bottom of what is happening while he is asleep and find out whats up  to either question him or reconnect with him and simply dispel this other person that seems to be in their relationship which she can’t prove save for the name being uttered in his sleep.

She then in the chorus resolves within herself that she needs to speak to her, tell her, see her basically find her and tell her he doesn’t need her and neither does she in their relationship.

The End of the explanation of Charlotte by Prince Kay B

I personally think Charlotte is an awesome song with a great message. The lyrics of Lady Zamar Charlotte touch on a females insecurities but also on a man’s subconscious thoughts. Sometimes he doesn’t want to cheat but some women are so captivating, their presence, even if it’s not physical, gets imbedded in the deepest parts of a man’s brain, without him knowing it #MyThoughts

Congrats to Prince Kaybee and the Lady Zamar this is a song well done. Great job.

These Recent pictures of Lady Zamar where taken by / Photography by Marx Markhado

Art Director/ Beatrice Thandi Banda

Lady Zama Charlotte photo shoot Jewelry by : The Gold Smith and Son


Slay all Day.

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  1. Mickson mashego says:

    She beauty but his behaviour is very bad.

  2. Mickson mashego says:

    Lady maras and prince kay bee song is all about a girl who was becieve and that guy she not right at all cos she is cheater and his husband she dont know nothing about them,but honestly his behaviour it must shown something as his background that person his behave is not right and she changes everything about his life and she lier ur husband ect.

  3. Yakeen Atwaru says:

    Sorry but something doesn’t add up….unless I missed something. The song has a good viby tune and I enjoyed it, however the music video just doesn’t do any justice to the song. In fact, the music video perhaps misinforms the audience about the songs true meaning. My take on the music video is that hubby is off to work and on his way he assists a female jogger who falls to the ground. She repays his kindness by sending him flowers at work as a token of her appreciation. When his wife decides to come visit hubby at work she sees the flowers and thinks her hubby is having an affair and gets upset/ hurt / jealous etc. That is the literal meaning I got from the music video. There is no indication that the name Charlotte is called by her husband in his sleep…so the intended meaning of the song is unfortunately not conveyed well through the music video. I do however really like the song.

  4. Michelle G says:

    With all due respect.. This is one of the worst songs ive ever heard.. The lyrics and the music is extremely annoying. I actually switch off the radio everytime it plays.. No disrespect intended, just voicing my opinion..

    1. Hi Michelle

      But why are you reading this article thou if you dont like the song? The title of this blog post is Lady Zamar Charlotte. But Lady Zamar has other songs im sure you will enjoy. Download her New Album KING ZAMAR.
      Much Love.


  5. wanna see her thighs

  6. Letuka says:

    I just love the bloemfontain lady on the vedio that woman makes Wat that song every time and it always feels like god is within me when I lay my eyes other vedio and also my car of the very same model i love,Prince am in love with your every song coz the very same lady cheers bra

  7. Anonymous says:

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