in the tall grass movie review
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In the Tall Grass Movie review

When i first saw the trailer of Netflix IN THE TALL GRASS i remember thinking two things. 1. here we go again, Another movie that is race cast and, 2. me, as a black person, would have entered the Tall grass with either a machete to cut the grass while i move towards the voices that need help or, i could have stood on top of the car and ask the voices screaming for help to follow my voice as i keep talking. And , i would have called the local police and waited there while the people lost in the tall grass got rescued.

Race cast is similar to type cast. Type cast simply mean that that particular person is know for playing ‘these’ type of movies so they put him or her in movies similar to the ones he or she have played before.

In the TALL grass Plot

IN THE TALL GRASS is a movie about GRASS. So, if you like seeing green grass, this movie is perfect for you. Its also a movie about Grass that has a life of its own. Sort f scary. This is a modern day horror/ thriller. The movie takes you deep through a journey of 6 adventurous souls trying to assist a boy screaming for help in the grass.

Major twists in this Netflix movie

IN THE TALL GRASS is as complicated as it is intriguing. You might get bored towards the middle of the movie where it seems like the puzzle about the grass gets even more complicated and absurd and a little slow. But the movie only takes us in these boring circles for a little while. The Movie will make you think that there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel, only to give you a surprised unexpected twist at the end.

For a Horror movie, IN THE TALL GRASS is refreshing. First of all, it is a movie about grass that ‘thinks independently’, and although this movie is absurd, it manages to explain the existence of the central phenomenal theme in the movie.

Will you enjoy watching in the tall grass?

The imaginative, in the tall grass, is obviously a little low budget. But Netflix makes up for its low budget movies by creating thought provoking, suspenseful and dramatic story-lines. Although the movie is good, we are giving it a 6/10. This score takes into consideration that some of the smaller themes in the movie are NOT explained well or at all. I mean, what is the church significance as well as the days that seem to slow down in the grass and the other days somehow seem to run fast forward. In the Tall grass doesn’t explain who the initial boy that asks for help is and neither does it explain all the births and deaths in the movie.

We enjoyed watching it thou, i mean, it was a lazy Sunday Afternoon. We had time. lol



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