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I really wanted Iced Coffee but didn’t know where to get it. To be total honest with you, I wasn’t aware that McCaffee serves Iced Coffee. I love Iced Coffee for the mere fact that I love hot coffee but can’t drink it in summer. I refuse! Hot drinks are meant for the winter, but others drink them all year round, which is really none of my business.

I started craving iced coffee when I saw Beauty Con USA instagram A post similar to the likes of, ‘REST IN PEACE  to all the money I spent on makeup and iced coffee this year’. lol so accurate. So I asked my Facebook friends where I could get Iced coffee and they suggested McCaffee among other shops. #FriendsFromHeaven they are and that’s how this journey started

Thembsy Suggested I move to Joburg where there is Iced Coffee galore. Lol She thinks Pretoria is a dead Zone, which I sometimes agree, it has its moments.. I started thinking about it and how I really need change. Relocate, New Job, New Experiences. The need to grow way bigger than I had planned for my personal and financial growth has NOW infected me. It’s a calling I cant ignore no more. If I don’t do anything about the thought, it will bother me like a thorn stuck in my toe and ill eventually have to give in.

While I can successfully think and decide for myself where and how and in which direction my life should go, I derailed in thought, a bit. I stopped a few seconds and thought about relationships; would the guy im dating understand? How will it affect our relationship? When will we see each other? Will we have time for each other with this already busy schedule?

And here are my thoughts:

  1. When making a major life decision, women usually think of their partners feelings first, never thinking about who is really important in ones life and career, your man or your career. If a girl thinks of her man first when planning her life, it says a lot about that girl, that she values him over her own greatness. Don’t get me wrong, a boyfriend is important but the most important person in a relationship is you. #NotInASelfishWay
  2. When a guy gets an opportunity to better himself, tell me, does he think of HER first? Does he ask HER or does he TELL HER? I don’t claim to know men but what I do know about men is that they value money over women – Most of them, anyway. I mean, how do you have a woman without money? If the guy is a provider, it’s never about the girl, it’s about – can he take care of the girl – The choice between going to make money on a Sunday morning or stay in bed with his girl and leave the money is not even an option. The mind is already made up. Make the money, impress the girl.
  3. Ladies should learn to put themselves first. We are taught as girls to serve and care which is all good, but how do you serve when you have nothing to serve and how do you take care when you can’t even take care of yourself.
  4. When faced with a life decision to relocate for a career or personal growth or stay for the sake of the relationship, unless this man is your husband… make the best decision for YOU. Others have lost opportunities for relationships to the relationship being over six months after that.
  5. If he stays with you through that, then you know he loves you but if he leaves, oh well. Every time you are faced with a decision to stay or leave make it about you. Does this decision make me happy? And if the answer is yes, then do it.
  6. So he might break up with you because of long distance, if that happens then you don’t need that kind of pulling down in your life, your partner should support you, be happy for you etc. the same way he would need your support if it was him relocating. And, if he is not happy for you, what does he expect you to do, let go of a good career boosting opportunity for a boyfriend? NO! You don’t need that. You will find another where you are going.
  7. There is a certain amount of balance needed in life ( Career and Love = Perfection). Be serious if he is serious with you and shows it with a ring or some kind of commitment but never stop or change your life for a man that’s clearly not ready… Follow your dreams.

All of this because of #IcedCoffee? LOL Oh my God LOL

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