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One important, beauty in South Africa is South Africa’s four distinct Seasons. Spring, SPRING FASHION one of the most loved seasons in the entire world is finally here and what a blessing it was to shoot while experiencing it, evident in blooming pink trees in the background of these images taken in Pretoria by Siyabonga Mfuphi .

It was important for us to take these Fashion images during this period of the year because of the outfit we had chosen for the blog. It’s kind of hard to wear flair skirts in August because of the wind. Wearing such would just mean I’m constantly holding my skirt so it doesn’t blow away or blow over my face. Lol which actually happened, unfortunately for me, but fortunate for others. (Perks of being a Fashion Blogger in Pretoria, South Africa during the end of winter)

While shooting www.beliciousmuse.com photos we like to find quiet places so we are not disturbed and we are free to create timeless and captivating images for all of you guys that follow the blog daily. That being said, a group of girls walked towards us, waited for us to finish what we were doing then came over to ask where we got the cartoon bag. We told them it’s from kganya Accessories, they then asked if they could also have one, we gave them kganya Accessories contact details and they went on their way. It’s exciting how well this bag is being received among Fashionable ladies. We wouldn’t be taking these images if the bag didn’t excite us as much as we are now sure that it also excites you guys.

The Cartoon Clutch bag (Disney Inspired) is currently one of my favorite accessory to date and as some of you guys noticed, I’ve been abusing it a lot lately. Took it to the Social Market and planning on wearing it to funky and fashion forward events all over South Africa, SA Fashion Week being one of them or might just purchase another one. Yay!!! Will See

You can also get your own Cartoon Clutch Bag.

Bag: kganya Accessories by Ndu Hlou (For orders Call or text +27 78 274 2795)

Shoes: Primark

Skirt and Top: Rage South Africa

Images: Siyabonga Mfuphi


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