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I am ALL GIRLS: an Outstanding Netflix Original film.

Hlubi Mboya in I am all girls is perfection. Netflix suggested I am all girls Film to me this morning. I watched the Netflix clip first before choosing to watch the I am all girls Movie fully. I thought it would be interesting to listen to the dialogue in the background while I cleaned my house. But the 1st 10 minutes of I am all girls is captivating and it was really hard for me to carry on doing what I was doing once I pressed play. Hlubi Mboya is an amazing South African actress and her portrayal of Ntombizonke Bapai is heart wrenching. I am all girls is a must watch. It is a movie that will make you think about the current situation in South Africa, but it also makes you think about things that we don’t really think about because we’re not directly affected by them.

This Picture will move you to tears.

If you have never been in a situation where you are scared and do not know where your child is then this movie might not be as relatable to you. And if you have never had your child missing for a few hours, or a relative’s child that never comes back, or a child that comes back after weeks of being lost, then this movie might not really be relatable to you. But if you are a person living or have lived in South Africa, and you were once a child navigating through life, and have been spared the heartbreak of being kidnapped but know very well that the children on I am all girls could have been you… This Picture will move you to tears.

From everything that I have said above, the situation in South Africa is that we are all affected by child trafficking and this movie, I am older girls is a rough reminder of where we live (Anywhere in the World) and the situations that affect us all.

I am all Girls Cast

The cast for I am all girls is top tier. But the person that stands out the most, for me, is Hlubi Mboya. Her acting skills are unmatched, and it is so refreshing to see her in such a huge movie, especially on Netflix, so that not just South Africans can have the pleasure of witnessing her greatness.

The cast of I am all girls is diverse and that’s something that I really love seeing when watching anything on South African TV. I also love the fact that emphasis was not placed entirely on the actors, but on the storyline. The storyline is powerful. So powerful that you tend to forget that these people portraying these characters are actually very famous. What stood out the most about this entire movie is how amazing the production was, and the storytelling was impeccable.


The cinematography in I am all girls is amazing. The editing was well done, the script was wrenching. Everything about it was so authentic. Being able to tell a story about something so deep is magic.  It’s easy for producers to miss the mark but they nailed this nail on the head

When I first started watching I am all girls I remember thinking to myself that child and human trafficking investigations are so important, but the labor resources provided for law enforcement is sometimes not adequate. Sometimes resources are the issue but sometimes it’s corruption. Sometimes it’s also just the fact that crime is massive. Criminals are everywhere and they will do anything to get money. Even if it is taking the lives and innocence of little girls for their own pleasure.

Why you should watch I am all Girls

I am all girls is a must see and is a movie that should probably not be watched repeatedly because the human mind tends to get numb to such things. I am all girls Netflix movie is a movie that is to a large extent more of a documentary and a bit of entertainment.

While some of you guys might see it as entertainment because it’s a film, I am all girls is an artistic piece showing what can actually happen when people are taken away from their safe environments and their innocence stripped away.  Revenge. Justification. Justice.

The character that Hlubi Mboya portrays in I am all girls is heartbreaking to watch because it is so real. And most of them just never recover, and that is so important to understand. The understanding that must be done is understanding that once somebody has had such a life altering experience, it’s almost near impossible for them to live a normal life and that’s why, in my opinion, makes this movie so eye opening.


I am all girls reminds me of REVENGE the movie on Netflix. The problem with revenge is that it’s mostly in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish and Netflix unfortunately does not have the English subtitles, which is really annoying.  The difference between I am all Girls and RVENGE is that I am all girls is one of the most remarkable movies that has ever come out of South Africa. In the year 2021 I am all girls is a movie that crosses boundaries and cements itself as unforgettable.

Child Trafficking and the the Justice System

Netflix I am All girls is a movie that shows how the justice system sometimes does not work. But I do want to acknowledge the fact that sometimes when people go out of their way to make sure that their oppressors are dead or in jail is because they do not have anything to live for because everything that they have ever wanted, all the thoughts and dreams that they had, before they were taken away, seem gone. And so, when they do these things, they have nothing to lose.

I am all girls Netflix film is a tearjerker. I enjoyed watching Hlubi Mboya and I have a newfound respect for this great actress. She should be given her Flowers. The rest of the cast did a really good job and I hope that this movie gets seen by millions worldwide. Bringing much needed awareness to child and human trafficking, but also just to showcase the pure talent that South Africans have especially when they’re given the platform to shine.


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