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Hustlers movie was Disappointing

Ok, so we went to watch the Hustlers movie last weekend when it first come out in South Africa. Maybe a day or two after it came out. Honey, we have busy lives and watching a movie takes a lot out of our day in terms of productivity.

I remember the time when watching movies was a no-brainer. It would happen almost every Friday with new releases. I have this friend called TK and we used to LOVE watching movies together. It was awesome. But now, he has a girlfriend, work and a life and well, i have a very busy life. I sometimes get frustrated that my life is so busy that i have stopped doing what i really enjoy. But all of this change is obviously due to growing up. We can’t stay children for ever. We have bills to pay.

How to waste 2 hours of your life

That being said, i was so happy when i got some free time to go watch Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B on screen. To be honest, those two sold the movie to me. Cardi B being an EX stripper and Jennifer Lopez being one of the greatest dancers of our generation. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Jennifer Lopez is also a great actor. Jennifer Lopez has lent her body to some of the greatest roles in movie history, Movies like LILA AND EVE, The Cell and Enough really show Jlo’s talent. So, going to watch the Hustlers Movie, we went in with high expectations.

Hustlers Movie was disappointing

Jennifer Lopez did a great job of acting. She and Constance Wu were really good in convincing us that they are strippers. What was disappointing thou was, after the first 30 minutes into the movie, i was like, OK, lets see more. Who are these ladies, make me fall in love with them. But, that didn’t happen. It felt like i was watching a documentary. But even a documentary has moments where the people being interviewed for the documentary show human emotions and become relatable.

After an hour i started looking for the plot twist. Found None. After an Hour and 30 minutes i was still waiting for the movie to start. I wanted to know, so… they are strippers, they drug men and get their cash. WHAT NEXT? What more is there to this movie? When the credits went up, all i felt was disappointment.

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Disappointment that i had wasted 2 hours of my life to watch tits and ass on the screen with little to no story line. Hustlers movies should have been produced by Marvel. At least then we would have maybe fallen in-love with some or all the characters. I was REALLY DISAPPOINTED.

Has Marvel spoiled us?

But could my disappointed be because Marvel has spoiled us with some amazing movies over the past 10 years? I know i am into sci-fi and horror and thrillers but i know i am not alone when i say that there have been amazing none Marvel, crime dramas with a strong female lead that we all got to fall in-love with in the past. Great examples are

  1. Salt
  2. Monster
  3. Lucy
  4. The Devil Wears prada
  5. Room
  6. The Help
  7. Black Swan
  8. Girls Trip
  9. Million Dollar Baby
  10. Wanted

All these movies have different genres but we absolutely ate all that they were serving. Its a hard pill to swallow when all a director cares about is visuals and leaves the story line to chance. Ask Game of Thrones Final season, it was a mess.

Hustlers Movie Features

Cardi B did a feature in the movie. She was obviously her usual self. She played the fun, charismatic, huge personality, tongue poppin Cardi B. I wish they had given her a role that wasn’t so type cast to her. Maybe we would have seen a bit more of her acting skills other than herself.

Lizzo was a good feature. It was nice seeing a confident ‘fat girl’ on the stage stripping and making it rain. A lot of people look up to Lizzo and she was perfect for bringing diversity to the cast. Actually the entire cast was diverse. Kudos to them.

The upside

If you are into documentaries go watch Hustlers Movie. Its about strippers who took back the power and made Stripping a real life business. Hustlers movie is based on real life strippers and real life events. And if you enjoy going to the strip club, this movie is for you. There is A LOT OF ASS, dancing and glamour. But if you want to continue to enjoy going to the strip club, this movie is not for you. Hustlers movie opens our eyes to what goes on in the dark and grimy shadows titi bars.

Hustlers Movie Rating out of 10: 5/10

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