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Why do girls cry when they get engaged? I’ve been watching a whole lot of engagement videos on Instagram and not because I wanted to but because when you open one engagement video, they ALL come flooding in. I can think of a whole lot of reasons why a girl will cry when she gets engaged. So lets Google and Explore why do girls cry when they get engaged.

Possible Reasons

  • They are crying for the poor dude because he has finally agreed to carry their ‘baggages’.
  • The girl is either 37 years of age (almost losing hope)
  • The guy is stinking rich (you imagine the images of cars, jewelries, expensive clothes, first class cabin things, etc. that engulfs the lady’s mind)
  • It was an arranged marriage where the girl had no choice but to leave Adamu, her childhood lover who she’s promised will take her virginity. This crying is common.
  • She’s Christian so she’s crying because she can’t wait to have sex.
  • The girl has no choice. They haven’t had sex and she’s seen the guy’s peepee before! Whether she’s now crying for it being too big or too small, i can’t say. But either size can be torture for life.
  • She’s a kid, wanting to escape from the ever nagging eyes of her parents.

Some of these responses are hilarious hahahahah but number 2 is heartbreaking. Some girls cry because they loosing hope? And this 37 years thing is just a number, some girls think that 25 is too old to get married then beat themselves up at age 26 and pressure themselves from age 27 upwards. What a decade.

I can’t say I’m done but my favourite possible reason why girls cry during a proposal is ,’Shes seen girls cry on instagram that are being proposed to so she does it as well.

I got engaged at around the age of 23. Guys chill, was engaged for plus minus 6 months and we called it quits. I remember when he proposed. He had rushed up to his room and I followed behind him. When I got thru the door, he was on his one knee, ring in one hand and roses in the other. First thing I did was run back out because I was in SHOCK!! In my head was, oh my gosh, you going to be a wife, then a mother, you going to have to cook every day and bla bla blah.

All these thoughts flashed in my head in a split second. I came back through the door and got to his eye level and said yes while kissing him because I knew I loved him then and I wanted to spend my whole life with him. And while I was getting down on my knees, I started crying. I cried tears of joy because he had chosen me but I was also crying because I thought that that is what people do when they get engaged. Silly me.

Human beings create their world by seeing others create and do. If I was exposed to a different kind of women species  growing up, I maybe would have had a different reaction to my proposal. Maybe.

My little niece, who will be 2 years old in September 2018, now copies VERYTHING THAT WE DO and tries to emulate and copy, all the words we say. And if we, my sisters and I continue being smart, we should be able to start sharing smart things with her so she can be smarter when she grows up.

Anyway, going back to marriage proposals and reactions to engagement rings; if me and my boyfriend talk and he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when he finally proposes. Because, he isn’t choosing me to be his forever when he pops the question, he chose me when he showed me and told  me that, way before the engagement. So my reaction should be, wow.. Thank you for the ring babe, Its beautiful. No tears, just joy for receiving such an awesome ring because technically, he was already mine.

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