how to wear pink dresses style

Pink dresses and Chocolate delights.

How to wear pink dresses 101

I would have loved to say that I wore this peach , pink dress from Superbalist to a party somewhere in the heart of summer in an exotic part of the land but, nah. That wasn’t the case. This pink cut-out dress rarely left my compound but i had to show you guys how it looks on me. And, i will probably wear this dress sometime in the future to some cool and awesome event.But, as things stand now, I’m just happy I wore it to show you guys how sexy it looks and what a great buy it was.

Wear pink dresses with attitude: Its rare that I school myself on how to wear pink dresses because I think I have so many pink dresses. I mean if you look HERE and HERE you will definitely see what i’m talking about. But I have learnt to embrace the colour pink because I look like a chocolate Turkish delight when i wear pink because of my brown skin and, pink just represents everything about me that is awesome and soft.

Wear pink dresses with sass: Being sassy is always at the back of my mind when i put on clothes. i try to put a whole lot of my personality in everything that I wear. I mean, how do you wear something that doesn’t signify you? So, when i walk, that dress is mine, it belongs to me. That pink dress becomes who i am. My clothes represent me. So wearing clothes and adding sass is just an extension of me. What i wear is not on my body, IT IS MY BODY!

Where pink dresses with grace: I know, how does anyone wear a short pink cut-out dress with grace? What ever i wear, i wear with smoothness and elegance of movement.” And this goes with everything i add heels to. When i wear sneakers or flat shoes, i can run up the stairs, sprint in converse and run to hold the lift. But when i’m wearing heels, i never run for the lift, the lift is held open for me. Ok, let me not push it, It’s held open by guys, lol the girls don’t care. None-the less, the emphasis is on my movement in heels and pink dresses so people can remember and say that ‘she moved through the water with effortless grace”

Wear pink dresses in support of breast cancer awareness: And if you really don’t have any reason why you should wear pink and cant seem to find one, you could always wear pink dresses in support of breast cancer awareness. Our Cricket national team always makes me proud when I see them wearing pink on the field. I think that is the ONLY TIME I waste my time watching cricket.

Lots of love.



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