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How to style the Velvet Pink Bodysuit

I am writing this sitting in my living room after a long, hard and hot day at work. I am writing this missing wearing this outfit as i had to wear a more sophisticated, work look today of which i will show you guys soon. But for now, lets talk about this sexy, velvet pink bodysuit and why i styled it this way.

I’ve been wearing body suits since the beginning of summer. Bodysuits are easy for me to turn into a summer uniform because they are versatile, easy to style and eliminate all the issues that come with constantly tucking in. Styling the pink bodysuit has been great fun. Ive been styling it with skirts, formal pants, and even wearing them underneath shear dresses. This particular velvet pink bodysuit is my favourite.

Love this velvet pink bodysuit because the silhouette super flattering, it’s a look that works for girls of all shapes and sizes. I decided to make the look more street style appropriate by wearing the velvet pink bodysuit with distressed, white washed blue jeans. 

I wore the velvet pink bodysuit with a string bag from Zambia to give it a more chilled day time look. Love this handmade, beaded bag because its an accessory from an African designer and i love supporting proudly african designers.

Had to make the look a little bit glamorous by adding these gold plated three piece neck piece and these beautiful, round earrings. You can get similar ones HERE.

Because i was having lunch with Linda that day, i had to wear these sparkly pumps from Dorothy Perkins. You can get a similar pair delivered to your doorstep HERE.

Sometimes wearing baggy pants can be really sexy, with the right kind of top. Love how flattering this velvet pink body suit is. And as body suits go, this one is made for fearless girls.

All Images taken by the awesome photographer Linda Mudika. Follow her HERE and HERE.

Get the Velvet Pink Bodysuit HERE



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