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I understand, It’s been a string of one relationship after the other, some have worked and  some have not due to things like circumstances beyond ones control,  distance,  religious denominations, work, insecurities, cheating, love lost or just a loss of interest.  And then some things just don’t work  simply because its life: nothing is meant to last forever (I wish it did thou)  and even in marriage the relationship ends ”till death do us part’. But for whatever reason this thing between two people ends, I ask you not to despair, it gets easier.(There is hope in new beginnings)

As I mentioned earlier nothing lasts for ever but, the more heartbreaking thing is when GOOD relationships come to an end  and we end up breaking down and are not able to carry on with life or even move on and end up getting stuck in the past asking questions in sorrow like , what if, why?

While I cant answer those question I am going to share with you a few tips and tricks  and things you can do to keep you happy, sane, enjoying life and finally moving on after a heart break. Bare in mind I am no relationship expert but these tips have helped me in the past.


1.         The first and foremost is to  understand that people are people and that  they  are not angels. They will hurt you or rather they will try to hurt you but DON’T LET THEM.  People will hurt you only if you allow them to; So while you know that people have the capabilities to lie to you, cheat on you, disrespect you, don’t act shocked when it happens  but don’t settle for less either when you know you deserve the best. You have a choice, you can either give someone a second chance or you can decide once is one time to many and move on. There are more than 6 people on this earth, I’m sure you will find another, more loving, kinder partner but remember that  the next person you meet is still a human being… so choose wisely

2.          Keep close friends. Keep friends you can call in the middle of the night to cuss out your ex , friends you can call at 3 am and cry your eyes out and believe me that bawling doesn’t sound sexy but there are people out there that don’t mind and are there for you at all times. Keep the kind of friends who will tell you to take a status off social media because it makes you look bad, keep friends that you can party with but you are  still able to  go to church with. Keep friends that encourage and motivate you, keep friends that inspire you but also be an inspiration to them

(I have to add though that some heartbreaks take a lot more from us than we can handle  and its essential to seek out professional help)

3.          Take care of yourself.  No one wants to date a woman/man that doesn’t care for him or herself. People can smell it when you don’t love yourself literally and figuratively . Once in a while spoil yourself and if your friends are not around go by yourself, you will meet people on the way there. Subscribe to a gym, sweat it out , eat right and your stomach will pay you back later by remaining trim and slim. Go to a spa, get your nails done, get a new hairdo, buy an expensive dress and get killer heels. When you look good you feel good and are better able to attract good people.So when are we going shopping?

4.          Work smart and hard. Work keeps your head out of useless things and if you have recently been through a breakup you will appreciate the power of endorsing yourself in your work for a little while until you are able to breath and come up for air.

5.          Open yourself up constantly to new experiences, don’t dwell on the past and if you have a small circle of friends, expand it. Join a club; go to the movies with your friends and invite your friends to bring their friends. Attend a fashion show( Such a Beatrice thing to do thou, lol the beatriceness),  learn something new, get a new hobby, you will find that the time has elapsed and you are now ready for a new relationship.

6.          You are ready for a new relationship when you have no junk in your trunk, no baggage and you can see things clearly and the next person will not be paying for all the mistakes your ex lover did. Once you are ready for a new relationship, be happy, think happy thoughts, smile, dress to kill and enjoy life, you will surf thru potentials and you will finally find the one, and hopefully this one will last till death but if it doesn’t it’s not the end of the world, at whatever age and at whatever time in your life, you can always start over.

More importantly, have fun, life can either be too short or it can be too long so get the most out of it. For all the ladies; once in a while sit in your room and play around with your makeup trying out different looks for your next outing. I’ve used RIMMEL LONDON liquid foundation on my entire face and my trusted INGLOT face powder but I mixed it up a bit by adding bronzer from THE BODY SHOP. I used a black liquid eyeliner from 2 TRUE and complimented the lid with black grey eye shadow from the same brand. I used an orange blush on my cheeks  and RUBYWOO on my lips, I also added a bit of the blush on the lips to matte them more.

I hope this has been helpful and I hope you are happy, always, that’s the prerogative.

Lots of love and hugs


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  1. Drea 22 says:

    This article came to me at the right time. My boyfriend and I broke up recently and ive been depressed ever since I dont go out anymore but your blog has motivated me to start going out again. I don’t know how it will work but its a start

    Thanks for sharing
    Lots of love from Spain <3

    1. Aaaahhh 🙂 Drea im glad this helped and Thanks for all the spanish love.. Im here to serve you guys. If you have another topic ud like me to cover or explore do let me know..

      Hugs and kisses 🙂

  2. stephina says:

    Yes very informative and true. A good and necessary post Beatrice. Keep shining!!!

    1. Thanks my friendship. . Was compelled by my conscious to do it. I sometimes write what I wish I could have read/heard growing up. 🙂 glad you like it

  3. Visule says:

    Great work sis Bea. I am so motivated and u are a hard worker.kip it up. Loving u lots!

    1. Dear Vusile… its words like yours that keep me going.

      Love you more

      Sis B

  4. Kgetsa says:

    Wow some great words of encouragement for ladies. I can’t wait for some men guidelines. But above all most women need this

    1. Hey Kgetsa 🙂 women and men are different I agree… and what works for women might not necessarily work for men… but we are similar in that we all feel pain but we deal with it differently. .. sometimes… and sometimes we deal with it the same 🙂

      Working on a plan on getting a male perspective in this blog. Thank you for your input. Deeply appreciated.



  5. This was a good read, real helpful hints. Thank u for these articles, they really are inspiring…keep up the good work Beatrice.

    1. Thank you Love

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  7. shannon Wilson says:

    Happy to have my Man back, wonderfully exciting..How incredibly, thanks for bringing him back and getting me cured from herpes E-mail:

    You’re the best …………………

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