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4 Ways one can attempt to heal a mans broken heart

Sometimes we meet people that look perfectly fine outside but inside they are walking zombies. If you are lucky you will meet one that will tell you when his heart stopped beating, how the woman he thought was the love of his life cheated on him with several guys and took all his money and that he is battling to keep alive, now on life support, waiting for the day when he will be declared dead.

What do u do as a woman? Tell him he can’t see you because you only date human beings and not dead people? What if he never trusts you because of his previous girlfriend? How will that be a relationship? What if he can’t love you the way you want to be loved?

She was scared and at times fearful because she knew what she had gotten herself into, she was in love with a wounded man. In his mind he was still confronting his demons but the fact that he had shown so much interest in her made her think that he had not yet lost hope, he was still interested in love and he didn’t want to be alone. I wonder who this girl was that broke his heart, so selfish , if she didn’t love him, why didn’t she just leave, she thought as she drank her coffee sitting on his sofa waiting for him to come back.

He was scared, she was so beautiful and she looked so sincere. How do I allow myself to love her when she could do the same thing SHE did to me? He walked into his apartment; he knew she would be there as he had given her his key. He was greeted by a pure affectionate smile as she rose from the only sofa he owned, walked over to the door, gave him a hug and planted a kiss on his cheek and whispered welcome home. Every time she did this he would forget about all his doubts. This is why i love her, he thought,  as he kissed her back.

Women constantly think that they are the only ones that hurt and that men don’t feel pain. While men might never admit to these feelings, guys are more than human beings and we share the same emotions.

How to heal a broken heart

  1. Understand that the heartbreak is part of his past like all of us have pasts. All you can do is be the girl of his dreams, be yourself, loving , sweet, friendly, open and honest and his heart will eventually heal.
  2. Be patient with him. Love takes time. He is initially attracted to your beauty but beauty doesn’t make a relationship, hard work, sweat and sometimes tears build what was broken. A relationship doesn’t come in an overnight package it won’t arrive in the morning. Its slow mail but it will reach you, eventually.  A man will respect and trust you when he knows you don’t judge him, never look at him with pity and never look down on him.
  3. Don’t allow him to treat you as a punching bag for HER mistakes. If it happens once, stop it immediately. Have boundaries on what you can or can’t tolerate. You can’t pay for HER mistakes, you never committed them.
  4. When you have tried and it doesn’t work don’t force matters, some people need more than girlfriend therapy and remember it’s not your fault , if he can’t be there for you emotionally then reassess the relationship but that’s after you have tried. Love is a give and take but sometimes we don’t have the tools and it’s not advisable to stay in a toxic relationship.

These points are based some on theory and some on personal opinion. They are not universal, but worth a try.

Hugs and kisses


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    Im going through this right now. Thank you so much.

    A god sent

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