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How to lose weight 6kg in 2 months and here is how I did it.

DON’T LET OTHERS TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN’T DO: I had decided to lose some weight and tone up my body the December of 2014. Although i love my body i had allowed it to get to a point where I wasn’t comfortable no more and so I decided to do something about it. Because I’m one of those that need moral support I decided to involve some of my friends. Wrong move. I should have been pickier deciding whom I should share my journey with. Some told me I couldn’t, but the worst were the ones who told me I was ok, I didn’t need to lose weight. BOY, I just told you I’ve a problem and you telling me that I don’t? BYE

DEVISE A PLAN TO MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE: The dream was to lose a couple of kilograms in a couple of months. The plan was to start with the gym but that didn’t work out too well. For the entire month of January I slaved in the gym only to find out that I had gained muscle mass, now you can imagine how annoyed I was at that. People will tell you it’s about the inches, and i must admit, I looked ‘nice’ but I didn’t care about the inches! I wanted empirical evidence. Every day in the gym just to be greeted by the same number on the scale? BYE PLANET FITNESS. lol

DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT FROM LIFE: I had to decide what I wanted. To be full or to be a bit smaller? And every day before I ate anything I would ask myself the same question. So I chose to eat less, PUT THE FORK DOWN, stay away from the gym for a few weeks and walk almost everywhere. I embraced less meat and more vegetables and fruits and little to no carbohydrates.

BE INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS: after another week with no change I looked at what it was that was keeping the scale from moving so i conducted a mini research and here are my findings —
For Beatrice: Eating lots of fruits don’t lead to weight loss because most fruits have a lot of sugar, so I decided to limit my sugar intake. (All types of sugar)
I also noticed that eating chicken didn’t help much as it has a lot of calories (chicken is good for body builders, but I was trying to break it down not build it) so I switched to just fish and a little bit of chicken, with no beef.
I added more greens, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, baby marrows etc. and ate lots of those and continued with my daily life. AFTER ANOTHER WEEK, THE SCALE FINALLY MOVED!! Hallelujah

BE PERSISTENT: I also decided to quit the fizzy drinks and replace them with water or juice. I heard that water has no calories  lol ok on a more serious note, drinking water helps with digestion which intern helps eliminate toxins in your body, helping your skin look fresh and your body cleansed.
I remember a few weeks ago going to the movies with my friends and we bought the large popcorn combos with sweets and cool drink/soda. I on the other hand got the combo that came with water ( I was very proud of myself ) but it just shows, when you really want something, you will do what it takes to get it.

NEVER GIVE UP: This scale not moving thing became so serious that I called one of my best friends crying because I was sick and tired of eating spinach, I was exhausted! lol. But if something doesn’t work out for you, try something else, something different, but don’t give up. I only started losing the weight in February and here I am, having lost 6 kg since then and I didn’t have to exercise. I told myself id exercise for muscle tone after losing at least 6 kg so I’m now back at the gym working on the vanity.
If it was easy anyone would do it, but its hard work and perseverance so keep at it. Whatever you want, be it success, prosperity, wealth, weight loss, health you will get it, just don’t stop trying.

Love love, Bea

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  1. David peter says:

    Many overweight people have already been doing all the things suggested for years with no effect, in fact my weight keeps creeping up. Ideas please for what to do when all the usual things suggested eg, cutting out excess fat, sugar, all junk food, and eating lots of fruit, veg and salad, etc have not had the desired result. I take plenty of exercise as well.

    There is so much written about the dangers of obesity, but not much practical help for people for whom this has been a long term problem, presumably due to the body’s metabolism having adjusted to an

    1. Thank you for sharing hun 🙂

  2. Glenda says:

    Beautiful article. Beautiful body.

    1. Thanks Lady

  3. i feel like giving up says:

    its hard Beatrice and I’m happy you have achieved ur goals but its not as easy as you put it.
    🙁 the last point is hard

    1. Don’t give up… Always keep trying… one day you will get a breakthrough.

  4. boity says:


    1. Well Put Boity 🙂

  5. Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is accessible on web?

  6. Hahaaa You made me laugh throughout lol! But thanks so much for the write up I can really relate to it. Love ur blog :*

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