how to look younger after 30

How to look younger after 30: 9 Tips

How to look younger after 30? Well, Some of us are blessed with good genes. I mean, i thank my parents for the genes i got. I sometimes feel like i won the genetic lottery. First of all I’m black, and there’s a saying that black don’t crack. Lol black does crack, don’t let them fool you. But, if taken care of very well, black has a tendency of staying ‘crack less’ way into old age. It’s that melanin.

The other blessing i have is having more muscles than the average South African woman because i have a pool of good African genes in my body. But having good muscle composition doesn’t prevent one from getting fat and looking like a Giant Tree. That being said, i have a story to tell. How i started to age before 30 and how i reversed that around after 30 by simple but very important things i did.

The Anxiety before 30

The age of 30 is often approached with a bit of wariness and, in some cases, downright heavy anxiety. For some it can feel like a whole new chapter of life is beginning for better or worse and when it comes to your skin that is true.

In your late 20’s, you might have already noticed a few things changing about your body. You need more sleep to function, hangovers are much more extreme. Your skin is also going through a transition during this time. After 30, you might experience more dehydration than usual and irritation than you ever did in your life. Not to mention strange that were not there a year ago all-of-a-sudden appear. Where are they coming from!!. Which is surprisingly normal according to Skin Specialist.

1. How to look younger after 30: Limit the Alcohol

When i first started drinking alcohol I was 27. And when i started, i started with Vodka and we would mix it with Sprite or Lemonade. My favorite brand of Vodka to date is Absolute Citroen mixed with Lemonade. Oh my God i went HAM!! I Drank almost every Friday after work at my friends workplace. It was pure bliss.

After 3 years of drinking constantly I had started to show a ‘phuza face’. I looked 5 years older than i was. I was horrified. So, i decided to stop or rather cut down.

Alcohol dehydrates you and dehydrated skin looks way older. I started drinking more water and my skin returned to its natural normal state after 6 months i looked younger than i was. These things require will power, If you know what you want and if beauty is a priority, you will do whats right to get the perfect aesthetic.

2. Drink more Water.

If you can wake up in the morning and not have the NEED to put on a heavy base of foundation because you are well hydrated, you are doing something right. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water hydrates you to such an extent that you are bound to look more moisturized just by drinking water.

Believe it or not, drinking plenty of water is great for your skin. Water is considered as the wonder moisturizer which also reduces the appearances of fine lines on the skin, and in addition helps one to look younger and slimmer too. Not consuming enough pure water makes your skin puffy.

3. How to look younger than 30: Wear a good concealer to cover bags under the eyes

But no matter how much we drink water and lay off the alcohol, age is something that cant be stopped. It is a natural way of life. So, if you have been drinking water and laying off the alcohol, and you notice that there are still bags under your eyes that give away your age, incest in a good concealer.

If you want to get rid of dark circles, using a concealer will give you and edge. Dark circles make you look exhausted and give a dried out look to your face. Using a concealer will show a great effect instantly and make your look younger than your actual age. I use concealer ALL THE TIME. LOL

4. Always wear Sunscreen

I’m not kidding when it comes to sunscreen. I’ve been using the same sunscreen for over 3 years now. It took a while to find this Sunscreen from IQ. And i chose it because it had the ingredients that i needed for my skin; Collagen Protect!

IQ SPF30 Sun Care Daily Defence 100ml is non-greasy and protects ageing skin from the damaging effects of the sun. White tea extract helps fight off free radicals and prevent premature ageing. NOTE: So it protects the your skin from collagen damage. I also use it as a base for foundation. Its been working perfectly for me. No complaints here.

5. Exercse atleast 3 times a week to prevent the aging effect of cellulite

Exercise improves your blood flow and can lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Even simple stretching like yoga, Pilates, or any stretching moves can help catalyze flexibility of blood .

No matter how young you are cellulite has a way of making one look older that one is. obviously, cellulite forms a part of most women’s lives. But iv noticed a significant improvement in my thigh appearance ever since i started excersizing

Listen, some of these things to do to look younger after 30 are combinations. They cant be done in isolation. That being said, this cellulite cream will help in the appearance of cellulite.ELANCYL SLIM DESIGN

Of course, you can’t change your chronological age, but exercise can improve your health to the point where you look and feel younger than you are.

6. Use a vitamin E moisturiser on your face.

While vitamin E’s main role in creams and lotions is as an antioxidant, it also assists to soften skin. The topical form of vitamin E helps skin hold on to water, a key factor not only in softness but in healthy, resilient skin.

7. How to look Younger at 30: Be happy.

There is nothing that ages one more than being unhappy and stressed out. The harmful effects on stress on the skin is remarkable. You could be doing all the above in terms of looking after yourself, eating right, exercising etc but if you are not happy, all the above will do you no good..

Stress And Aging belong i the same Whatsapp group. Chronic Stress Can and will Affect The Aging process in different ways. Chronic stress can cause insomnia, unwanted weight gain and even an impaired immune and digestive systems. Life is too short to stay and remain unhappy. If it doesn’t serve you get rid of it, clothes, relationships, place of living , food etc. do what makes you happy babe. always.

8. How to look younger than 30: Whiten your teeth

Teeth-whitening kits are budget-friendly and effective if you follow the instructions to the T. And take note: it doesn’t have to be an expensive dentist appointment, all you need is a good whitening toothpaste. The one I’ve been using for almost 4 years now is White Glo. This toothpaste, when i first used it, my friends at church noticed that my teeth were whiter than usual.

What makes WHITE GLO perfect for those with minor teeth discoloration is the toothbrush. The WHITE GLO tooth brush polishes because its wider. The normal tooth brushes are thinner and not as wide as wide because their job is to clean all the small corners of the mouth .

So try using alternate tooth brushes a week. Some days use the smaller tooth brushes, other days use the polishing one.

In conclusion:

There are a couple of signs people use to tell if one is older or younger and a sure way is to check out teeth colour, skin hydration, cellulite, body tightness etc. Its not that guys are attracted to younger women, guys are simply attracted to girls that LOOK good, have a zest for life and take care of themselves, in my opinion.

You can tell when a girl goes to the gym, eats right, sleeps well, invests in herself. Sometimes we let ourselves go, as women. And life can make us feel defeated and we stop trying.

Don’t allow life to keep you down. Be the best version for yourself, your kids and your partner and friends. Live this life with a smile, vigor and motivation and make everyday a day to celebrate life. You are still here on this earth and that is the most important.

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