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To be totally honest with you, Ive actually never had a very thick and luscious hair line and I think the reason for that is that my hair almost grows on my face. LOL. When you watch the below Video, you will be able to see how close my hairline gets to my eyebrows. And for that reason, I’ve never really had a problem with my hair line because my hair has always been a bit thick but not my hair line. Its only recently, and by recently I mean a couple of years ago that I started noticing that my hair line issues would start at the salon, before the weave was installed. It annoyed me but I was lazy to go around looking for a hairdresser that cared a lot more about my hair line than money.

This video is close to my heart because it’s not nice NOT looking your best because of a receding hairline. A receding hair line can really take a lot of your confidence and can affect you socially, big time. In south Africa we as a people mostly focus on looking good in terms of great skin and great makeup. The hair gets left unattended because its either in a weave or it just doesn’t matter because we look cute with or without hair. But for those whose hair line matters, having a good one is a prerogative.

Im just going to touch on a few MUST have hair IF you want to bring back the Hair line and, the rest you can check out in the video below.

The most important hair line rescue hair product , in my onion, is the Brazilian Hair Grow Oil – Hair Line Recue With Caster Seed, Coconut and Tea Tree Oil. Price: (150ml) R89.99

Exclusive to Clicks. Brazilian Hair Grow Oil is a non-greasy synergistic blend of natural oils; it assists in restoring your hair line. This light weight formula promotes hair growth, it is also excellent as an all-natural hot oil treatment to silken, rejuvenates, moisturise and repair dry and damaged hair.

Product may be used on relaxed hair, natural hair locks or thermally styled hair.

Directions for use:

  • Apply a small amount of Brazilian Hair Grow Oil directly to the scalp.
  • Massage gently into the scalp.
  • Reapply as needed over problem areas such as receding hairlines, thinning hair and dry scalp. Brazilian Hair Grow Oil is Available Exclusively at Clicks

Another favourite of mine is the Tripe Oil Rescue LONG AND LASTING HAIR PRODUCT. This product rescues the airline and nourishes the scalp. Its Including AnaGain – Simulating hair growth and fighting hair loss. It also includes avocado, olive and jojoba oil with a fresh citrus smell and nourishes the scalp.

Directions: Apply small amount in hair line and message in gently.

NB: Apply small amount because its very oily.

Taking care of African hair is very important. The better we take care of hair and fill ourselves with knowledge, the better the knowledge will be passed on from ourselves to our friends and family and to our children.

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  1. merriam says:

    I have a problem with my hairline is being three years now i cannot find anything that will help me, I tried everything i know

    1. hey Doll…What have you been doing to your hair my Love. Please share with me how you take care of it etc.

  2. Filicity says:

    After having dread locks I have open space or bald hair what can I use.

    1. Its always better to start afresh but.. if you are not about that life, use products tailored to your hair type.
      I use a combination of products suited for my hair needs.
      For example.. i use Revlon Au Natural Afro Moisturing Butter if i want to keep my afro from breaking.
      I also use Chi hair Brilliance if i dont want my hair to break because of dryness and i use Chi Argan oil plus moringa to help it grow. The key to growing natural hair is to keep it from breaking by adding moisture, using good shampoos and always hydrate it and to be patient.
      Hope this helps.

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