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I stayed fit this November / December, or tried to, depending on how you look at it, by setting up a fixed exercise routine way before I went on Holiday. It didn’t start off as a fitness operation, believe me. It was the result of just wanting to exercise my heart. December got very lazy and I could feel the impact of less work and less walking on my body and mind. Body became lethargic, slow and unhealthy. My friends are always on fitness journeys and I was like… what have I been doing with my life?

I first started by running two times around a block two times a week, then I got joined by Chris, A ridiculously fit nineteen year old male, with the energy of a Vampire from twilight or Thor – God of Asgard #Avengers that got me pushing 4 to 5 laps 3 to 4 times a week. He would motivate me to go further and even faster but he would do it sublimely. He would call me and ask if I want to jog, I’d say yes or no. if I said no he would drag me from my place and I would reluctantly go.

All I wanted was to feel good in terms of endorphins and be an ALIST BEACH BUM . I hate being at home; gosh this girl loves working, so being at home would put me in a bad, sad mood.

When I finally went on vacation I felt more confident to show off my thighs.( I wore a lot of shorts) I thought they looked good on me. Walking in front of mirrors was exhilarating, an emotion I had not felt in months, about my body. Here I was walking in shorts and feeling very confident all because of a few fitness laps around a block for 30 minutes, fast or slow, three to four times a week. Talk about body consciousness. Let’s talk about fitness and health.

In all honestly, most women undervalue their beauty/ body. Women over exaggerate bad things and don’t put a lot of emphasize when something goes right. ‘I am too fat’, when in essence you just gained two kilos, but when you finally lose those two kilograms that milestone is not celebrated as much as the gain. #GirlWhy. Ok so you have gained a bit of weight, but you are still beautiful, you are still sexy. Weight doesn’t or it should not change your perception about yourself. Never forget that, keep that in mind. You are beautiful no matter what size.

Tips on how to get fit, keep fit and continue being fit… continue reading.

To get fit just follow a few simple rules.

  1. Cut out from your diet what you think is making you look bad. For me its beef and dairy products.
  2. Get an exercise routine that works for you and stick to it. Don’t do what others subscribe to. Do what you know or what your doctor or dietitian or coach has recommended. A person i know was told she should eat all kinds of meat, cut down on carbs and spend many hours in the gym. This didn’t work for her because her body doesn’t digest meat fat very well, a perfect example that what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another.
  3. Get a friend, personal trainer, someone to motivate you. Let’s face it: It’s not fun exercising by yourself but If you both lazy then it won’t work either. There should be one that’s obsessed with fitness and one that needs to be motivated.
  4. Motivate yourself daily. If you want to look like a Victoria secret Angel or at least try to look like one, you need to train like an Angel.
  5. Lastly: a diet filled with raw green veggies never hurt no body. Helps eliminate toxins, clears skin and assists (assists)with elimination or hiding of cellulite (with the help of Baby oil enriched with Vitamin E ofcourse)
  6. An add on: eat what you like on holiday just control your portions. I mean, who wants to be on a diet during the festive season?

These images where taken in Mozambique on Vacation. I wasn’t aware of the changes my body had gone through until I saw the images. In all honesty, I’m still not aware because the changes take forever. #PalmOnForhead #Sigh. But… I am happy I got my hair wet at Maputo beach Mozambique even thou it was salty as hell.

Beaches one should definitely visit while in Mozambique is Bileni beach with all its relaxed beauty, fashion and glory… N.B Do not leave Mozambique without becoming a mermaid or merman in XAI XAI.

The Bikini is from Mr. Price. Not sure if they still available but since we heading towards autumn, you might want to get one for next summer. But knowing South Africa, its summer the whole year so summer fashion all the way.

Remember: don’t be beautiful like her. Be beautiful like you. Accept your flaws , everybody has them … don’t wait until your body is perfect to show it off, it might never be … Be you, do you and flaunt you.


Being a model is hard, all we do is chill on white sand beaches and sip on chilled drinks the whole day. #IJustCant lol NOT.

Finally getting out of the water.


 Bikini Bra from MrPrice – Sporty


Drawing inspiration  from Halle Berry in James Bond 007

Making sure I wasn’t showing too much of my Butt… Well, that was the idea



Channeling my inner Serena Williams.



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