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Let’s start with the basics. I know a couple of beautiful women, some of them my closest friends, that have struggled with self-acceptance and self-esteem issues throughout their teenage years and a little into their early twenties. Feeling attractive is mostly a mental state but when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you go out of your way to look good.

I didn’t always think I was pretty, even saying it now im like… will they judge me and think I’m conceited? Telling yourself that you are pretty is simply positive affirmation. Some might see it as being egotistic and proud but let me tell you a little history – some of us come from very dark places and for us to have even started telling ourselves that we are pretty, beautiful and deserving, wasn’t easy. To say that we are beautiful, to say that I am beautiful and start believing those words, was not child’s play. It took a while.

  1. Be well-groomed and maintain good hygiene.

First of all, to be attractive to others, you have to be attracted to your self anf to do that, one must always be well groomed and maintain good hygiene. Going to the mall in dirty all-stars on a Sunday is just going to make people look at you like you are crazy and that you shouldn’t even be at the mall. When you don’t see yourself as worthy, you will leave the house with your dirty clothes and in your mind, it will be ok. But it’s not… Before leaving the house always ask yourself, would I fall in love with myself if I saw myself   walking down the streets? If the answer is no – go back and change. Always dress as if you are going to meet yourself for the first time.

Speaking to anyone with bad breath is a total no-no. Before going out to meet people, make sure your mouth is clean and if its a tooth situation, handle it

.2. Take care of your hair (All your hair LOL). Moisturize and wash hair regularly.

Men: Please trim your beards regularly, smell good and just look dope. No woman is attracted to a man that seems like he does not care about himself. And if a guy can’t take of himself.. how the hell is he going to take care of you??

Ladies: Maintaining hair costs time and money. When a weave goes bad, take it off. If a weave has been on your head for a very long time, take it off. If the weave smells slightly bad and a little off, put that ish away… On these particular images I am wearing my own hair. I simply got tired of the weave and im not a wig person. What I enjoyed most on this shoot was seeing the results on my legs based on the work I had put in the gym. Also loved the chocolate tones and how well the photographer captured it.

3. Wear clean clothes that fit you well. This juicy jumpsuit Sure does fit 😉

One rule in fashion and style is – always layer. Most outfits look great when layered. Because its summer and we live in a hot, humid and semi tropical country, we can’t always later clothes. On this particular day I decided to layer my Tribal Print juicy Jumpsuit with a pink coat. It looked sooo good and it was warm. The back of the tribal print juicy jumpsuit is open and a bit revealing so I wanted a more chic and classy look so I paired the juicy jumpsuit with a pink coat/ jacket and hoop earrings from Legit. The juicy jumpsuit is from Factory and the Coat was my moms, she left it here when she came to visit ut, what a difference a bold, solid colour coat can do for a simple but cute juicy jumpsuit.

I cannot stress how important it is to wear outfits that fit to complete any look. I had to try on a couple of short jumpsuits. Some weren’t fitting well.. some were too baggy, some showed too much butt cheek and some just looked great on the hanger. It’s mandatory to take your time when going shopping.

When going to a mall, always wear clothes you can quickly take off for fittings and little to no makeup. The worse thing is when I see a great outfit, dress, top etc and it has makeup stains from the previous person that tried it on. #Horrible.

4. Have good posture, smile, and make eye contact. ↓

People are attracted to confidence and success. The more you look confortable in your own skin, the more attractive you look. Remember I said that some of us have struggled with self-esteem issues etc? Well… people don’t care what is going on in your head, all humans initially care about is how you look, how you make them feel and your energy. When you get to know someone, you can then share your depression or anxiety etc. but firs impressions matter. Blow people’s minds with your walk, your posture, your love of life and your confidence.

5. Eat well and get enough exercise. Be smart.

If you don’t eat well, you become lethargic, overweight, corny, tired and sometimes angry. And, I’ve noticed that the earlier I sleep the more productive I become the following day and, if you sleep for about 8 hours a night, you will have better skin as skin repairs itself at night.

Hope this was helpful, it sure helped me.


Images taken by KlearView Media

Jumpsuit: Factory

Lipstick: Base Lipstick = Revlon Crayon 025, Top Layer – Mac/ FlatOutFabulous

Earrings: Legit

Foundation: L’Oreal/ Cappuccino and Concealer s LA Girl Pro Concealers in the shade Chestnut and Toast.

Orange Blush: Black Opal

Eye Brow pencil:  L’Oreal

Face powder: L’Oreal cappuccino face powder.


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