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Erre fashion: How to achieve an effortless lavish look. This is what luxury looks like

I’ve been a fan of Erre Fashion for about a little more than three years now. I fell in love with their expensive taste right off the bat and I told myself that I would one day wear these South African Fashion designers collection, and here am… absolutely in awe at what is happening. Erre fashion is absolutely the one for me. I love that the handy work on each of the garments is pure quality and that they sell high end as well as on the lower end garments. Erre Fashion are part of some the more exclusive South African fashion designers that distribute to Luminance and although distribution to Luminance may be a bit intimidating for others, don’t worry, a similar form of quality can be found on the spree website where the clothes are not as high end, but still luxurious.

  1. On this post, I’m going to share with you how to achieve the perfect lavish look on a budget.To achieve a lavish or as some may call it, having expensive taste, one must wear a STATEMENT PIECE that stands out and screams money. This statement piece may be anything from a pair of shoes, a watch, jewelry, coat or dress. For me, on this particular day at day two of S.A Fashion week, I wore an ERRE FASHION springbok cape that costs roughly R12 000.00 similar one, if not the same as the one Terry Pheto is wearing in the below picture.

2. Second step at being effortlessly expensive without breaking the bank, chose a dress that is high quality but also affordable. I chose to wear this dress from Erre Fashion which you can purchase from HERE. First of all I have nothing but praises for this dress. The fabric felt luxurious.. The fit of the dress was like it was made for me and the no zips needed. What I look for in dresses when I shop online is that the dress must not have a zip, which makes the dress easy to wear and if made perfectly, will be easy to put on. The dress cost roughly R400.00 but the set is R1400.00 at SPREE



3. Now imagine wearing these wonderful outfits from Erre Fashion, the incredible South African fashion designers, and you don’t have makeup… not a good picture! The make-up doesn’t have to be all up in your face but it has to be there, unless you got great skin and really don’t believe in makeup. When you do the makeup, go all out or stay indoors. LOL. I opted for a matte red Liquid lipstick from Mac Cosmetics and a semi dark winged shadow. Because the lavish look of the Springbok cape is close to my face, meaning shoulders, its ok to wear more neutral makeup than a bright red.. But… To each his or her own. My only regret with this outfit is that I didn’t where my hair up. The social auditorium was a bit humid, the hair covered my neck and the springbok cape got really hot. The heat was not nice…

Expensive taste

Expensive taste

4. Killer heels are a flawless finish to this expensive taste, lavish look. If you want to go full lavish, a pair of Louboutins will be great but I opted for a black pump from MADISON Shoes. These shoes may look hard to walk in but they are really not that bad, and even if they were bad… We all suffer for beauty. It happens.



All images taken at Velmore Estate Hotel,

Outfit of the day

Dress: Erre Fashion

Springbok Cape: Erre Fashion

Shoes: Madison

Shades: No name



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