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Having a personal style means that you know what you like, what suits you and what looks brilliant on you. Style, as a lot of quotes and fashion icons suggest, is not a product of fashion, to be part of the stylish girls is what you do with fashion. Seeing fashionable outfits on the runway is an amazing experience and allows you to see how to style those fashion pieces based on the examples given to you by the runway stylist. But that is only an example, exact runway look duplication may result in the fashion community thinking that you lack creativity. Why wear something exactly like it is on a fashion runway when you can wear it exactly like how you like it and make it suit your personal brand.

Fashion is beautiful and the excitement stylish girls gets when wearing something new, expensive and smart is overwhelming, I know I get overwhelmed sometimes, even as a fashion blogger, when I get something I’ve ordered online, I honesty have to tell myself to keep calm, it’s just a dress.

I picked this dress because it spoke to me. Some dresses are silent but this one was loud, it said ‘PICK ME!!! I couldn’t resist. I always try to pick clothes that scream at me, and make me beg for their attention. I just don’t want to just get a dress because it’s dress. The dress should speak my language, understand my body and basically be best friends and sexy. I mean I have a lot of sexy friends and if my dresses have to be like my friends, lol and I know that dresses are very inanimate objects, but that’s unfortunately or fortunately the relationship I have with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s an evening gown, a party outfit, casual wear, DUDE! It has to be absolutely sultry and that’s what I saw when I first laid my eyes on this beauty.

Putting on this oriental print gem of a piece of clothing made me appreciate the art of design. I enjoyed the backless strappy detail at the back as we shot this shoot and the plunging neckline. Love that it accommodates curves for us a littler thicker in the hips girls and a little more curvaceous ladies.

When you look for a dress to wear to an evening function, it has to be banging, bomb, the most. It can’t be normal or ordinary or else you make no statement, you say nothing with your appearance and nobody notices, you stop being one of the stylish girls, LOL Juts kidding. Well… Nobody noticing shouldn’t really be a problem if YOU think you look hot, what matters most is when YOU notice.

Remember I talked about the straps of the dress and the shoot on the rooftop? Well, I should warn you that I did get a little sunburn but it was fixed a couple of days later when I started re-applying IQ sunscreen developed for South Africans. Lol who goes out on a burning autumn morning without sunscreen thou? Yes, I know, one who hasn’t done rooftop shoots in a long time. #ShootMe

The LOOK: The accessories are from lovisa, earrings from EDGARS and shoes from ASOS online. Dress I got it from Suberbalist, you can get a similar dress HERE from Missguided but the exact dress you can purchase it HERE. Shots fired by Kagiso Motlhamme, Fallow him on Instagram HERE.


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