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The Regency Apartment Hotel Menlyn recently launched and their launch party, and the rooms, where to die for. Regency Apartment Hotel Menlyn opened in June 2018 and invited us over for the celebration. On the night, we had unlimited drinks and gorgeously presented, filling food. The entertainment was chilled and opulent and the ambiance was exciting but real. Tamara Day blessed us with her vocals as we danced, ate and had ourselves a good time.

The person behind the lens is none other than my trusted and very talented friend and photographer Kagiso Motlhamme from Kagiso Motlhamme Productions. You can find him on social media as Kaygism.  These Pretoria Photographers are really something else. and to think of it, if he wasn’t there, you guys would not have seen these awesome photos. So, thanks so much KG.

The Regency Apartment Hotel Menlyn has a very classy feel. Situated just after Menlyn Mall or rather Menlyn Park, if you coming from Atterbury. If you are coming from the Brooklyn or Hatfield side of things, in Pretoria, The Regency Apartment Hotel Menlyn will be close to the BP petrol filling station, by the traffic lights, just before you enter the highway. But… if you still not sure where to find the Hotel, you can just quickly google it, wont get lost. Trust.

If you are a bit like me, then you will understand my confusion when i heard that the Regency is an apartment Hotel. I usually measure a Hotels level of exclusivity  by the number of stars the Hotel has. Now, this one.. what stood out for me, was that its an APARTMENT hotel. On further investigation, i found out that an Apartment Hotel is a kind of a hotel that looks similar to my flat, or apartment, as you may call it. When you enter one of the rooms, depending on whether you chose the normal rooms or the Apartment ones. You will notice, it opens like a house with an open plan kitchen that feeds into the living room. Ours had two bath rooms and two bedrooms. I really felt at home.

The beauty of Apartment hotels is that they give you that feeling of being at home, comfortable. in some hotels the setup makes one not want to touch anything, afraid one will break it or something. The Regency Apartment Hotels  are very homey. They  even include huge wardrobes in the main bedrooms.



Apart from the beautiful outside, the Regency Apartment Hotel Menlyn is beautiful outside too. You know that saying, don’t just be beautiful on the outside, be beautiful inside as well? Well… on this particular matter, The Regency flips the script, it is beautiful inside and out.

We really had a great time at the Regency Hotel Launch. Thank you guys for the food, the drinks and the warm and comfortable rooms and beds. We will be re-visiting soon.


Dress: Superbalist

Shoes: ASOS

Leather jacket: New Look

Bag: New Look




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