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His House is an intense horror movie that raises the bar

His House

His House on Netflix is a twisted, tragic, and amazing horror movie that follows the lives of a couple, running away from a land infested with war and seeking asylum in Britain. There are a couple of interesting pointers that make Netflix HIS HOUSE an amazing horror flick. The Cast, the storyline, the cinematography and, the emotional journey the movie takes you on. To begin our review, let us start with the cast.

Netflix HIS HOUSE, the cast.

HIS HOUSE stars Wunmi Mosaku, Sope Dirisu and Matt Smith. Wunmi and Sope have a very dark and gorgeous, complexion that make the movie esthetically pleasing and different. The cast bring about an air of breath-taking thrill and an unforgettable performance. In most movies, especially in the genres Horror, Fantasy and Science fiction, it is rare to see actors with such striking African features. HIS HOUSE is deliberate with representation and that is beautiful to see!

TV Daughters and mothers are consistently biracial

We are constantly exposed to a plethora of T.V daughters and mothers that are consistently biracial. And, while we are not trying to take anything away from these talented biracial actors, seeing a different representation of a black woman is refreshing! The Wife in HIS HOUSE does not have the hourglass figure, nor the wavy hair and does not wear makeup. She is content with the curves on her body and her Husband continues to respect and love her because , he just loves her!

From my perspective, he just loves her and his love for her is not based on a Eurocentric Beauty, which is refreshing to witness. And seeing that translated on T.V is EVERYTHING TO ME. The love the couple of Netflix HIS HOUSE shares, Is amazing to watch!

Horror Movies and Black People

There is a constant narrative that only Caucasians are explorers and, the narrative is pushed so deep down our psyche that we believe it. We believe that the darker one will always die first in a horror movie. We also believe that the black person will no want to explore the knock that suddenly occurs at 3AM.

We have also been led to believe that the Black person will usually be the first person to run away. The belief that only one race is brave is a flawed and outdated belief that needs to die and, the death of that narrative can only start by Africans, in numbers, telling African stories.

Ancestorial representation of Ghosts in Netflix HIS HOUSE       

In most African cultures, worship, and respect for those that have passed on plays a very important role. People believe that the spirits of the dead linger around the living and influence the world of the living. This spiritual existence is usually not considered to last forever; the spirits of the dead live on as long as there is someone who remembers them and in HIS HOUSE the couple figurately  and literally carried the dead with them to Britain

Demons That Remain: When We’re Haunted By Guilt and Remorse

In my opinion, when one has done something wrong and feel immense guilt, the guilt can manifest in something spiritual like In THE GRUDGE! Catastrophes and tragedies like famine or war whereby many people die tragically at the same time can cause the spirit of the dead to haunt an area or follow those who have caused those tragedies. Sometimes the ghosts are all in the head but, dealing with those thoughts and emotions is crucial to a happy existence.

Mental health of some of those seeking asylum

In Netflix His House, the couple ran away from a war-stricken country and what they saw may have caused their mind to dissociate reality from fiction. According to Medical science post-traumatic stress disorder affects not just the immediate victims of violence, whether in war or the result of crime, but also bystanders and witnesses. While watching HIS HOUSE, I noticed that this couple had witnessed violence but had also directly caused it

Brain trauma causes abnormal activity in at least three areas of the brain. The amygdala, responsible for emotions, is over-activated. The hippocampus, responsible for short-term memory, starts to recycle the traumatic event obsessively. The prefrontal cortex, especially in the area that mediates emotions, becomes weaker.

Although healing from a traumatic event is different for everyone and is depended on different variables. We start healing only after we stop seeing the trauma, move away from it and start applying our time to different things and manifesting pure and healing energies.


What makes NETFIX HIS HOUSE a movie that i will never forget is the fact that

1. It’s a British movie with African actors.

2. It elaborates on certain aspects of the mental state of those  that have lost.

3.  The dynamics of being forced out of your country and seeking asylum and

4. The different perspective of black love and how it is represented on screen.

5. How difficult it is to adopt to a new way of living and,

6. African horror does not have to be Voodoo.

The couple ( Wunmi Mosaku, Sope Dirisu) did an amazing job!  The entire move is well played, cinematography is graphic and, HIS HOUSE is by far, and not comparing it to the Haunting of Hill House, one the most interesting and culturally diverse horror movies I have ever seen!

his house netflix
his house netflix

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