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THIS IS NOT JUST A HEALTHY RASPBERRY SHAKE, IT IS AN AVOCADO AND RASPBERRY SHAKE. Avocado in a shake. Seriously? Believe it. The fresh acidity  of the raspberries in this shake almost completely masks the avocado flavor, leaving behind only the creamy texture.

What you will need.

/1/ Half Avocado , Pipped and Peeled. /2/ 100g Frozen Raspberries /3/100g extra thick greek yugurt /4/ Squeeze of Lemon Juice. /5/ Half Cup of Ice Blocks.

How a Healthy Raspberry Shake is Done.

Mix ALL the ingredients in the food processor or Bender and Enjoy.

Note: In all shakes w where one would usually use banana, we recommend adding Avocado instead. Bananas pale in comparison to avocados on a nutritional level and the texture of Avocados actually Smother.

This recipe is perfect for those on a Bantin or Paleo diet and cant eat carbohydrates. The Paleo diet emphasizes whole fats and proteins with vegetables and no carbohydrates whatsoever. I guess This recipe is also only for when avocados are in season. Gosh, its hard being healthy hey.

Another thing i want to emphasize or bring to your notice is that if you are indeed on a Paleo or Bantin Diet, make sure that you read all the ingredients on a packaged food. If the package has more the 5g of Carbohydrates/ Sugars then its too much carbohydrates.

I couldn’t find plain Greek yogurt so i settled for SPAR low fat Yogurt which had a carbohydrate 5g. I really struggled getting the right one as a lot of yogurts are  full of sugars, sweeteners and carbohydrates which are not good for people on the Paleo/ Bantin Diet.

Hope you have found this delicious Healthy Raspberry Shake Recipe helpful. Comment Below your favorite Berry or any other fruit smoothy recipe and share.


Beliciousmuse Team

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  1. I like BANANA food.

    1. Yes… each to her own.

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