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I recently started a healthy WEIGHTLOSS AND FITNESS  journey and thought It would be a great idea to share with you guys some of the things I’ve been doing and the results. (P.S I’ve ever since the first week of January lost about 3 kg roughly 6 pounds)

December was a whirl wind of lots of food accompanied by the sudden urge to stop caring. The diet went out the window and we ate and drank as if we had fast metabolisms that would automatically burn all the sugar in our bodies, while we lazily sat on our couches and continued to eat all types of snacks, biscuits and Christmas cookies.

I looked at myself towards the end of the festive season and I was shocked. There, right there were all the cookies i ate in December. Hhhmm so that’s where they all went to? Almost in disbelief i decided to do something about it.

It was hard but who said it was going to be easy?

  1. I started off by limiting my meat intake. I ate less beef, I totally cut out all dairy products and now I only eat chicken and fish and even when I eat them I do so rarely.
  2. I then stopped eating salt, totally cut it out of my diet. Cutting down on salt made my face appear smaller because salt has a puffing effect on the body. Salt also retains water so taking in less made me loose about 1 kilogram of my body weight before I even got serious about it.
  3. I also cut down on processed carbohydrates and promised myself to only have carbs once a week as you can see in the images below; I was eating Pitta bread with Chicken Soup and boy was it delicious!!! The reasons why I cut down on Carbs is; A doctor friend of mine once told me that ‘meat although it is a protein also contains carbohydrates’. But be cautious not to over eat anything and eat in moderate portion sizes as too much of anything is bad and you will find yourself back where you started. The carbohydrates he told me not to eat are foods like processed bread, pasta etc.

(Good and bad diets are relative to specific countries so what may constitute bad for Africans might not necessarily be bad in other continents, ill share more on this in the next health post)

so now I eat only leafy greens, nuts, white meat and occasional fruits but not too many as they have a lot of sugar.Carbohydrates give you energy but the lifestyle we live doesn’t really require too much energy. We have office jobs, we have cars, and we are not mine or construction workers so why all that food? My opinion is’ Carbohydrates are for growing teenagers/ children / athletes and those that do manual labour etc’.  My point is, don’t put in your system what you know you will not use and before you eat anything, ask yourself if you need it.

4. I jog 30 to 45 min every 2 days. The amount of endorphins released during a 30 min cardio or body building session or aerobics exercise is enough to keep you away from depression for a lifetime as well as enough to trim your body down good.

5. I made a choice to make the right choices. HEALTH WEIGHTLOSS FITNESS  is not a once off thing. If you want the weight to stay off you will have to make good decisions. I choose to eat clean and keep my body moving.

And lastly, my love for CAFE 41  keeps on growing and this is because of all the healthy meals they offer. When you are on a diet try 41, they cater for everyone and their food is literally to die for. I wasn’t inspired to write this post until I ate a meal at Café 41 in Eastwood Village in Arcadia again and even thou I’m on this journey I didn’t feel guilty at all for eating this well prepared chicken dinner because I know that all it adds it’s a great physique, satisfied taste buds , beautiful skin and a full stomach.

Hope this has been helpful, more to soon follow so keep a lookout

XOXO Beatrice Banda

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  1. DIVYA says:

    Food served with a dash of makeup is totally appetizing!! 😀 I love the glow on your skin!

    Forgotten Makeup Heroes | The Conscience Fund

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