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You will notice that i didn’t include LOVE in the above headline, for a couple or reasons.

The love I didn’t include is the love of being in a relationship. That kind of love is not happiness. Happiness is being happy regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. Imagine if you were happy only when things are going OK in your marriage, relationship etc, what would happen to you if problems arose? Your happiness would be dependent on another person and that’s not the way I  live my life.

I make myself happy. I love spending time at my place, i love doing things that i love and that is awesome but doing them with a significant other is even awesomer!!! – If you know what I mean or understand what I’m saying. LOL is there even such a word?

My point: You have to learn to be happy with who you are, enjoy being with yourself, have fun, go out with friends, socialize, break bread lol just do it.

You will understand true happiness only when you understand what makes you happy. Then once you know that, you can now begin to share the Love.

I love blogging but, i also have a day job. Blogging in South Africa is not as easy but, with every kind of job, occupation or career, you need to work hard at it, nothing comes easy. I love what I do at my 8 to 4. I love working with people, travelling and developing rural and urban communities. And lastly, I  love living here in South Africa but i think id enjoy living anywhere else in the world because  “I would be with me”.

Now lets talk about loneliness. Loneliness can be a bitch, being by yourself for long periods of time can create a void and a need to be with a boyfriend or girlfriend which can be hazardas. Never get into a relationship because you are lonely or becuse you want someone to ‘make you happy’,  it will end badly. What you feeling might just be wanting human companionship, not necesarily the opposite sex or cuddling although  – that would be fun.When ‘loneliness’ strikes, before you do anything rash or irrational call up your friends and arrange to hang out or visit.

That being said, I love being in a relationship its just not the source of my happiness, Im already happy. Relationships are an add on to happiness.

Perfect example. Car = Single person –  The car can move, It can get from one place to the other and it has windows. Aircon in a car (Add on) = Relationship ( Brings a little bit more joy to the ride)


Lipstick : Revlon crayon – 025


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  1. Lovely blog, awesome content. Love the pics.

    1. Thanks Tiggy ?

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