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Top 10 Guess Summer dresses 2019

In a few days it will be summer. So weird that i went out with a short dress this morning and came back freezing. I couldn’t wait to jump into my car and switch on the heater. But, it will be summer soon none the less and i’m here for all the pretty Guess summer dresses i’ll possibly be wearing in the spring month of September 2019.

Guess has a reputation of being the go-to fashion store for party dresses. Truth be told, If i had a party to go to, be it at night or during the day, i would shop at Guess. Guess is the one retail brand that constantly gives young women the option of looking sexy but classy. Guess party dresses are not trashy. I mean, the fabrics themselves smell of luxury. If you have a Guess summer dress in your closet that you perhaps bought years ago, it probably is still wearable. Guess does not make fly-by night fashion. Its sustainable fashion babe.

Guess Summer dresses

Guess makes beautiful summer dresses but they also make gorgeous jeans, tops, shoes , bags etc. But for the purpose of this article, we going to focus on Guess fashionable spring summer dresses.

Short dresses for the win

I was at Starbucks earlier this afternoon and a male friend of mine was shocked that i was wearing a short dress in the cold. I responded and said, but.. isn’t it summer already? For those that know me personally, you probably know how much i love Summer and how enslaving winter feels like to me.

I am a girl of the heat. My skin felt the scorching of the sun first before the soaring of the wind in my lungs. I am a woman of the dessert. I was born on the 1st of January in the mid day , a little past the time to eat. I am an African and in Africa, Winter never comes.

Beatrice Thandi Banda

Floral dress for spring

I’ve noticed that my personal style doesn’t blend in with other fashionistas. And sometimes my fashion choices are not exactly the safest nor the warmest in winter. I’m the type of girl to wear Summer dresses in winter and face the consequences later. I’m not saying that we all should do it. All i’m saying is that my look is not dependent on the weather.

And i have suffered for those choices. Going out on a Friday night wearing a floral, sheer, light short, sleeve less dress to club, just to find myself in bed the entire weekend because i caught a cold. the funny thing is that i always tell myself that it wont happen again. But guys, my legs are gorgeous and my body is banging. So, i’m unapologetic wen it comes to things like showing off what my mama gave me.

There is a time for everything. And, a time will come when showing off my legs will not appeal to me anymore. But until that time comes, i will do what ever i want. Especially if what i want makes me happy.

Wearing a Guess white dress to a party

Now, one thing you will never find me doing, is wearing a white dress to a party. But i will gladly wear this gorgeous Guess summer dress in white to a lunch with the girls for a few hours then quickly change. Wearing white can be tricky. You MUST be extra careful. You must stay away from the curry plate and before you pull your dress down because you been walking way too fast, you MUST wipe your hands with a wet wipe. The list goes on.

But, other than being careful in terms of wearing the white Guess Summer dress, all other summer dresses are a YES. Summer dresses are great for lunches, beaches, boat rides and even engagements. See our top 10 Guess Summer dresses below and shop your favorite HERE.

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