A Grown woman does grown up stuff: The art of Evolution

You have changed Beatrice, I hear them say. Well… truth is, I have changed, I have evolved; I have taken part in the Art of Evolution. I am now a grown woman, leaving girlish ways behind me forever. I don’t want to look like a small girl; I don’t want to think like a small girl and most of all, I don’t want to be perceived like a small girl. Tonight’s talk will not start with appearances, but it might end there.

The majority of people that read this blog are 62 percent female and 38 percent male and while I was planning on talking about the ‘good old days’, I quickly had to backtrack because 59 percent of readers are between the age group 18-24. I am clearly not a teenager and I frankly don’t miss it but I would like to point out that where I am in life right now is because of the choices I made as a teenager. So teenagers can be allowed to make hard and difficult choices, we just have to learn to deal with the choices.

I decided to study in the field of Humanities and this decision I made before or during the year I turned twenty. Right now I can safely say that I should have made a better and bigger choice more suited for my personality. Career counseling in THIS country is lacking. The fact that we have so many unnecessary occupations with little to no employment is a result of the choices that teenagers were made to make without having the proper tools or vast knowledge to make them.

Evolution ; after spending seven years in medicine you realize that you cannot stand patients and that medicine is not for you. What a waste of seven years right? Some people, having spent plus minus ten years learning, studying, getting educated, at the end literally walking away from their occupations to pursue their dreams. Growing up is understanding that life is all about changes and that life has to be lived in order for us to evolve, grow and be better people. But for life to be enjoyed , you have to be certain of the path you want to take. But when something doesnt work for you anymore… leaving it to persue something better is called EVOLUTION.

When my friends and I go out, they notice something different about me almost all the time. I am a Chuck Tailor Converse ALL STAR kind of lady but recently, walking around wearing converse just doesn’t seem at all as interesting to me as a grown woman. I am also a weave type of woman, but my weave has been on a break for a while now. I never used to wear flat pumps, but flat, cute pumps have replaced my ALL STARS.

I used to watch movies almost every weekend but, right now it just seems like a whole three hours will be wasted while I could be using that time to wright a blog post or something more productive to assist my grown woman status.People want us to stay the same, they want us to look the way we did a few years ago but the truth is, I am a different person to the person I was then.

My interests have changed, my style has changed, the way I wear my hair has changed and even the type of job I now want is totally different to the one I have now. YES, I AM A GROWN WOMAN, I HAVE EVOLVED.

When I was a kid, I was ok with a guy taking me out to KFC,  if a person takes me to KFC , for instance, now, I would feel disrespected. I have had my fair share of being with a guy for just love, not caring if he has a job or not. Now… I can’t do that… I can’t walk into poverty with my eyes wide open. Im too responsible for that (grown woman stuff)

Whats even more interesting is that even the types of guys I date are way different, I am better able to tell when a guy is lying because I have been lied to before. I am not saying that I can read minds but, lets face it, experience is a great teacher.

The first time I ever went out on a proper date to a posh restaurant ,my date took me to Café 41 which I still love, even today. On this particular evening, as you can see in the pictures, I got the opportunity of enjoying a simple dinner at MUGG&BEAN wearing brown Madison Shoes and a simple black cocktail dress with bag from Call it Spring

What I loved yesterday might not necesaily be what I love tomorrow. My character has stayed the same but the way I look at life is totally different. So the next time someone tells you you have changed with a disapproving face, tell them, yes, I have changed… were you expecting me to stay the same? LOL . I AM A GROWN WOMAN NOW, I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT.

Africa grown woman

Africa grown woman black dress



Sexy Africa grown woman black tight dress



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