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Growing natural Hair.

Its been an interesting year for my hair. This interesting year started the previous year with an unsupervised hair dye. Meaning, I dyed my hair with no prior-experience and just winging it. My natural hair colour was turned from  dark brown to yellow, orange, brown. The colour was interesting and nice but the experience wasn’t as nice when my hair started falling out bit by bit and I started looking kind of weird.

So to get my hair looking like this. I’ve done a couple of significant changes

  1. Growing Natural Hair: I stopped over braiding  my hair for weave

Its so important for the weave lines to not pull the hair line. Growing natural hair depends on this rule. Braiding the hair backwards pulls the hairline. Braiding the hair from middle to ears gives  hairline time to rest and doesn’t stress baby hair

2.  Moisturize

I’ve learnt to moisturize my hair and this lesson came at a cost. Dry hair roots simply BREAK!!! Now I use anything that has Argon hair oil and even Coconut hair oil. My current hair food  is the New Buttery Soft Hair food from Restore. I love that it has Almond oil and vitamin E and it smells awesome. To grow my hairline I also use MPL  HAIR FOOD. lol Its green  but if you blow dry it after use, it will slowly melt into the base of the hair.

3. Growing Natural Hair: Don’t relax hair Often if you are growing natural hair

I recently took my weave out and decided to spend another month without relaxing my hair but i did something different, I treated it. Treatment is when ‘treatment’ is applied to hair then left in the heat dryer. My hair did not look relaxed when the treatment was done but it felt strong. I then braided it in the Kim KARDASHIAN braids LOL. I braided it because I didn’t want to immediately put on a another weave and braiding seemed like the most in evasive protective style. They braided it in two long symmetrical lines

4. Hairfood.

Argon oil and coconut oil and almond  are really good for hair growth. So most hair products with these three ingredient or even just one of these ingredients could do wonders for ones hair.

5. Tips on Growing Natural Hair: Trim hair

Its important to trim hair regularly if you are growing natural hair and by regularly I mean at least 4 times in a year and by trim I mean cutting at least an inch off to get rid of the split ends and give hair more room to flourish. Growing Natural hair easily. .

All this work has lead to the growth of this thick main of hair on my head. Its strong, its healthy and its shiny and a natural BLACK.

I strongly suggest taking care of your natural hair and putting it first before weave or wig. Its always better to have a full head of hair underneath your weave than just a long weave with nothing else underneath.


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