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Grow Hairline Back Effectively

What caused my hairline to recede and how to grow hairline back

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beatrice with relaxed hair. hairline loss due to over relaxing

Ok, I think I have spoken about how to grow hairline back and Afro hair growth in length in THESE past two articles. But, I will however add a little more information in this current hair article. My mother, and a lot of other African parents did not have the options we have now, currently, when it comes to taking care and growing natural hair effectively. For most of our African mothers, the best solution for their children was to either cut it all off or relax it.

When our mother relaxed our hair, it wasn’t just because they felt like ‘burning’ our scalps was the best for their daughters, but the media and other factors convinced them too. As mothers, we often take what we see as beautiful and apply it to our daughters. I would imagine, I don’t have children, yet.  But when mothers are well informed, the results are magical.

The other thing that might have led our mothers to relax our hair might have been how expensive natural hair products were and currently still are. So, socio-economic backgrounds and sometimes lack of information leads some Afro haired mothers to not entirely do what’s best for the child’s scalp, Unintentionally.

And, since I have only known relaxed hair my entire life, when I finally decided to join the natural hair sisters, my scalp and hairline had already been too badly damaged. And even now, today, it is still healing. My hair line loss was due to excessive relaxing and braiding and plaiting immediately after relaxing. Hhhmmmm… the things we all do for beauty.

Difference between alopecia and receding hairline

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the universal meaning of Alopecia (al-oh-PEE-shah)  is simply ‘hair loss’. When a human being  has this medical condition  Doctors call alopecia areata (ar-ee-AH-tah), hair falls in round circles on the head. The hair can fall out on the scalp and elsewhere on the body.

Alopecia can cause different types of hair loss. Each of these types has a different name:

  • Alopecia areata (hair loss in patches).
  • Alopecia totalis (lose all hair on the scalp).
  • Alopecia universalis (lose all hair on the body).

Not everyone loses all of the hair on the scalp or body, it depends from person to person. This phenomenon has been documented in about 5 percent of people. Hair usually grows back but may fall out again. Sometimes the hair loss nightmare can last for many years. Alopecia is not contagious. It is not due to nerves. What happens is that the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair loss. This disease most often occurs in otherwise healthy people.

Alopecia is hair loss due to medical condition. Receding hair line in Afro hair can be due to genetics ( when your hair stops growing past a certain point) or abuse of the hairline due to excessive relaxing, plaiting and pulling of the hairline follicles overtime.

How does relaxing destroy hairline follicles

When we relax hair, we use harsh chemicals. And sometimes, or most of the time, we end up with small little burns along the hairline or within the scalp. Now, depending on how your skin heals, burnt skin is not ‘fertile’ for healthy hair to grow on. So if there are a couple of places along the hairline that have been continuously burned by relaxer chemicals (scarring alopecia). it can and it will, take a miracle to be able to grow back hairline on that specific piece of scalp. You see, prevention is better than cure.

How I grew back my hairline and how you can grow hairline back

Since all I knew was relaxers, I was so frustrated when my hair just stopped growing. My  hair looked horrible and weak and so one day I decided to cut it all off and start afresh. Then I went to the salon to even it out and then I asked them to cut everything on the side and keep some on top. Bare in mind, my hair was still relaxed and I didn’t know  how I would look  with short hair. I was so scared. SO i didn’t cut it all off at one time.

The relaxed hair in the middle grew with more afro and then I eventually decided to even it out like a halo. After that point, I had no relaxed hair what so ever. I started plaiting my hair and wearing wigs because I still felt self-conscious with my own short hair. I mean, who does that? ME!!

How to grow hairline back: Had Afro hair and relaxed hair. Cut all relaxed hair, was left with all afro. Hairline started to grow back

To be honest, it took me some time to get used to the short hair, but after about 6 months of short but strong hair, gave in, and fell in love with my natural hair. My hairline started to grow and my hair was shiny and thick and stronger. I was so proud of myself, especially because i was able to effectively grow hairline back. Then it hit me. All I needed to do to get my hairline back was grow an afro. I was amazed and happy.

Best products for Afro hairline growth

I experimented a lot when it comes to my hairline and hairgrowth. But allow me to tell you that in my experiments there are about SIX hairline products i recommend you must try if you are growing your hairline.

  1. Jamaican black Caster Oil: Is best for receding hairline. And you can shop it at Clicks or directly HERE.
  2. Hairline rescue:  Is also a good product for receding hairline. Shop the Brazilian hairline rescue HERE
  3. MPL Hair food and hair oil: A lot of people will tell you to stay away from MPL oil only because it has Glycerin, Paraffinum Liquidum in it. But I swear to GOD, MPL oil has really helped me in keeping my Afro hair soft, manageable and moisturized before plates or protective style. Get yours HERE AND here. Do what’s best for your hair type.
  4. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Moisture Gro Hairdresser: Is perfect when you want to moisturize natural hair and give massage hairline for stimulating hair growth. Purchase it HERE and Collect the entire Palmers Coconut Oil set HERE
  5. My natural Hair strengthening oil is one of the best hair products for receding hairline. It works the same ways as the Jamaican black seed oil, but it doesn’t smell as strong, or as ‘bad’. Purchase My natural Hair products directly from MY NATURAL HAIR
  6. Long & Lasting Triple Oil Rescue : for hairline (125 ml) – to rescue the hairline and nourish the scalp. Long and Lasting Avocado hair food is an intensive rescue hair food for the hairline. It has  AnaGain that stimulates hair growth and fights hair loss. The avocado, olive and jojoba oils with a fresh citrus smell, nourishes the scalp and leaves a long-lasting shine. Long & Lasting Triple Oil Rescue also protects the scalp against dryness caused by chemical treatments, heat styling or dry climatic conditions.

The Importance of Leave in conditioners to grow hairline

When growing back hairline or when growing an afro, it’s important to leave the hair moisturized always. The shrinkage is real. So, while afro hair moisturizers do the job, they don’t do it as well as leave in-conditioners for natural hair.

At this point, I cannot recommend the ‘best’ leave in conditioners. But, I will say that, if a product is written leave in conditioner, that hair product is good for your hair. Periodt. Leave in conditioners are good for weaves, there are specific ones for synthetic hair, And there are also very good and specific ones for afro or natural hair. Pic anyone good for you and stick to it.

My favourite to use when I have my afro hair out is the Loreal Elvive Leave in Balm. The leave in balm softens the afro for combing and styling. And remember, if hair is hard, combing is difficult. If combing hair is difficult, hair loss is inevitable.

Best Shampoos for hair and Hairline growth

  1. Grow Hairline by using: Elvive Curl Nourishment Shampoo

The unique spiral structure of curly / Afro hair can be naturally dry and brittle making it difficult to manage and prone to breakage. L’Oréal Paris laboratories have created our 1st haircare range tailored to curly/Afro hair. In just one simple step, the Curl Nourishment Low Shampoo washes, nourishes and detangles your hair leaving perfectly defined curls that are protected against frizz and manageable throughout the day.

  • Grow hairline by using: Dove Nourishing Natural Hair Shampoos are Perfect for

Nourishing damaged hair. Together with the conditioner, Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo with its Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives repairs signs of damage, so hair that’s stressed out from colouring or heat damage is healthier-looking wash after wash

  • Grow hairline by using: Palmers Coconut oil

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula products contain ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi, infused with Tiare flower petals. These raw, natural ingredients deeply hydrate, repair damage and give hair incredible shine.

  • Grow hairline by using : Garnier Ultimate Blends with Shea Butter and Avocado.

The signature blend with – avocado oil & shea butter is tailor-made for very dry, damaged hair.

  • Grow hairline by shampooing with : Tresemme BoTanique

Daily hair styling and product build-up can take its toll on all hair types. The TRESemmé Botanique natural hair shampoos collection is made up of three different systems to help you tailor the perfect package to get your hair back into balance.

Read more HERE

Some Braids and some protective styles are dangers for hairline growth

In conclusion, everything done in excess is not good for anyone. Even braiding and protective style. The other number one reason for hairline loss is excessive pulling of the hairline follicles. If its too tights, loosen it. If it is painful, undo it. As we get older, the body’s natural ability to heal itself decreases year by year. While it might have been easy for a wound to heal as a teenager, as we get older, it takes twice as long.  The same with hair and hairlines.

When the hairline is constantly stressed, after some time it will just give in and not grow anymore. But when you start taking care of your hair by not playing it immediately after relaxing, or simply just not relaxing it at all, we give the hair a better chance of growing and flourishing.

Last year my hairline was receding, this year, together with patience, love a good diet and hair vitamins, my hair has slowly but surely regained its stretch, luster , more length and density. Be patient with your hair and treat it with love and kindness. Do not stress over things you cannot change and if you can change it, change it.


Beatrice Thandi Banda

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