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90’s Nostalgia is currently a wave in the air nowand I say this because I feel like I’m actually experiencing the decade’s trends with a bigger splash now more than ever before. Yes, dungarees were all good ten years back but they are even better now.

The light wash overalls or dungarees as others say are a must have item this autumn/winter mainly because they are so versatile. You can pair them with bright or neutral polo necks if you want to keep warm or just throw on a blazer if you are going for that chic look. Dungarees also look good in summer as you can wear them with crop tops underneath.

I wore mine, as seen on the images below with blue shoes from YDE, grey vest top and blazer from a boutique shop in Johannesburg. Sorry guys, this blazer doesn’t have a name. I picked the blazer because of the checkered prints and the leather detail on the collar.

I would have gone without the blazer to the RVK Fashion Show but this day was a bit chilly so keeping warm was the prerogative. The RVK Fashion show was a huge success and I’m looking forward to the next one. #YouShouldToo. Check them out HERE.

I dressed down this look a warmer weekend prior with hi-tops and a white vest. I wear vest tops a lot, but you cant blame me, I live in South Africa where the weather is almost always hot. (P.S Not looking forward to winter, at all)

These super stylish dungarees have some amaze features! Made from a soft cotton mix, they include a bib front top fastening and are finished off with a cuff bottom leg. How amazing is that!!!

I especially loved the fact that they stretchy, making my buttocks look even better lol. #ReallyGoodForOnesEgo

This trend has gone viral with grey stretch dungarees found in Truworths as well as IDENTITY South Africa. I got mine from IDENTITY. You can get more options online here  and even more stylish and affordable ones at ASOS .Let me know what you think of this trend and how you would incorporate it in your functional wear.



That moment when you  trying to look cool… lol

After a long days work, we unfortunately had to leave.

Neck Piece from ALDO

Photo Credits: The one and only  Siyabonga


Shoes from YDE – And the game of trying to look cool continues… lol

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  1. boity says:

    l love dungarees. <3 I would wear this specific one they way you are wearing it.

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