Spring is the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear. The world looks more beautiful as trees begin to fill their branches with green leaves and fruit trees start blossoming with flowers. The spring season comes with so much more than just mere sunlight. It comes with a happier mood, hope, more colors to wear and more skin to be seen. That’s why the green bodycon dress is perfect for this season. The colour, it is a green dress and the type of dress.

No wonder green is such a fashionable color to wear in spring. It’s a mix between clear sky blue and sunshine yellow in the color spectrum of life. Emeralds are so romantic, don’t you think? Emerald is a bright green precious stone that possibly reminds us of love between two people, very precious. Spring makes people embrace that romance as more suitable now than in winter and more and more people embrace the notion of spring love or spring fever.

During the long darkness of winter months, the body naturally produces more melatonin. For people prone to seasonal affective disorder, all that melatonin triggers a winter depression. In spring, when melatonin production eases up, so does depression.

Sunshine raises vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is actually a hormone that is generated when sunlight hits your skin. During winter, your vitamin D levels drop by 50% unless you take supplements. When you get out and hit the beach at the onset of spring, your vitamin D levels jump back up

We worry less, in Spring, about the cold, electricity bills, blankets, heaters etc. and focus more on jovial chores. Spring takes the edge off. It’s Like a drug, cocaine to be more specific… it activates the area of the brain that makes you feel good. The same reward area that is activated when people are experiencing the intense desire of romantic love.

A curvy girl wearing a green dress style in spring is beautiful not just because the color is eye catching and light. We wear green because our hormones tell us to, as green is the color of life and growth. We wear green for the highlight of our curves to stop traffic and the twinkle in our white teeth blaze as we dance in flower filled streets with only the warm sun to nourish our bodies.

And so starts the beginning of spring, in a green dress!  This season is a season for happiness, forming new friendships and getting rid of the old, boring and draining. Lets Spring Clean

Shots Fired by Kagiso Klear View

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  1. KGOMOTSO says:

    looking gorgeous my lady.

    1. Thanks my love!!!!

  2. Hey honey u looking mwaaah!, keep it up

    1. Thank you Joe… Much appreciated. Please check out other amaizing blogs on this site… Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Wow babe, you are everything !!

    1. ? it’s my pleasure. Glad you are inspired by the visuals. we aim to do our best.

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