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Hey, Remember that person you thought you couldn’t live without? Look at you living now – Short Black Jumpsuits

I stumbled on this quote and it immediately took me to my first deep and saddest breakup ever. Dude, I cried as if it was the end of the world. I just couldn’t understand what it was about me he didn’t like. I started questioning myself, asked myself questions like what’s wrong with me. What did I do wrong? Why would he do that to me? Was I not special enough? Did he find another girl and was afraid to tell me? Do I smell bad? Am I rotting?? Lol the last one is a bit extreme but it was a legitimate question. I just couldn’t understand why the relationship was ending because I didn’t want it to end and I hadn’t seen the signs.

I called my sisters and even talked to my mom about it, something I NEVER do. It felt like my world was over and that I wasn’t going to survive the night. My heart was heavy and the tears in my eyes didn’t want to stop falling. My pillow was my greatest comfort and closest friend. I remember thinking life was over and I was never going to be happy again and if I ever got another boyfriend, things would be different and I would never trust another guy … but… I woke up the following morning; I survived the night and went on my duties looking like a zombie at work. No make-up, not feeling like looking cute or anything. And I slowly slipped into depression.

I survived the week and I survived the month. I hated guys for about six months and I mourned my ex for about a year as if he had died. I’m not sure when I came out of the depression but when I look back I pat myself on the back for being able to move on.

I can’t even believe that there was a time in my life where I thought I couldn’t live without him, but.. Here I am living, smelling good, smiling and being happy. And it’s so true what they say about time. Time is a healer… time heals all wounds and after sometime, what hurt you ages ago is something you no longer feel pain about. The conversations you couldn’t get through without crying are conversations you casually write about on blog posts and make fun about.

So… I’m here to remind you that there was a person you thought you couldn’t live without but here you are Living and $#!$. And it the heartbreak is still fresh, cry, talk and do what you got to do to get better. One day you will look back at what you had been crying for and slap yourself silly for carrying so much for a person that didn’t give a $#(^ b about you in the first place.

On this particular day I was wearing a short black jumpsuit I got from Factory. Was doing some shopping in a mall and saw these exciting short black jumpsuits. I am not a short black jumpsuits kinda girl but these short black jumpsuits are the ish. I got these short black jumpsuits one in classic black and white and one in a more coulourful print. Short black jumpsuits are great for casual wear or when you really don’t want to match outfit pieces and just want to wear less clothing because it’s hot. I wore this short black jumpsuit s to lunch at Cappuccino’s with my friend Linda and we had such a great time. As girls, we encourage each other and some lunch time conversations are simply more inspiring than others. But, this particular one took me way back when I thought I couldn’t live without him but, look at me now, living and Shit.



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