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How to keep a summer glow in winter

I know I have already talked about this product but I felt the need to talk more about it, after using it for a bit more than a month. I started using the body Shop Oils of Life intensively moisturizing cream in December. I started using this product because I felt like my skin had lost its summer glow. When your skin doesn’t look good in Summer, where there is endless amount of Vitamin D and where summer drinks are made with some of the tastiest, best and healthiest fruits on the planet, then we have a problem. Skin is supposed to flourish in summer, I mean… The weather is perfect.

Because I know my skin, I am very aware of the type of products that work well on my face. To get a summer glow I’m convinced that a good moisturizer is ALWAYS needed. A summer glow can be achieved by using The Body Shop products that are made for your skin and skin type. Because I now have dry skin, to get that healthy summer glow, I need a good , non- greasy moisturizer with essential vitamins and oils.

The Body Shop has these great oils called Oils of The World and THEY WORK WONDERS. I have seen such   beautiful and dramatic change to my skin tone and texture, its RIDICULOUSE. I use the Body Shop Intensively revitalizing facial oil, together with The body Shop Intensively moisturizing Facial gel with The Body Shop Intensively moisturizing Facial cream, which is my favorite.

3 things important to do to get glowy Skin for that perfect summer glow.

  1. Try using face products from the same family. This way, there are no products cancelling each other out. The same ingredient in the toner is the same one in the moisturizer, gel, face-wash etc.
  2. Always wear a moisturizer or oil to bed. I can’t stress enough how important wearing moisturizing for a summer glow is. When you sleep, your body repairs itself. Putting on a good moisturizer and / or oils, assists the skin with maintainace and repairs. So you wake up flawless.
  3. All these moistures need a good and clean canvas to work on so a good weekly scrub or facial is a MUST.

I recommend you get yourself to a Body Shop near you and check out their oils of the World. I would o say that you won’t regret it but, different skin types react differently to the same product. But… The Body Shop revitalizing facial oils/ creams, work for me by giving me a summer glow when days are not so bright.


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