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There are a couple of reasons why your skin might not look as good as you want it to look and while you might be consciously unaware, bad skin is very expensive and It can cost you a lot.


  1. Finances: Treating breakouts and other skin related problems can cost a fortune. Let me break it down for you. Acne treatments can cost anything between R300 to R600 a month or even more depending on the treatments. This includes counter daily regimens that can include a cleanser, a toner and a non-prescription medicated lotion. Even after acne or breakouts clears, treatment must be continued to prevent a recurrence.
  2. Low self-Esteem: Having a low self-esteem can affect the kind and type of partner you attract and eventually choose. When you know your worth you know what you deserve and don’t stop until you get it. But when you feel even the slightest low about yourself you will accept whatever comes your way because you don’t think you deserve any better. Bad skin can contribute to low self-worth maybe not generally, but people who think they don’t look good, will act as if they don’t look good. In the work place a person with low self-esteem may ask for a raise in the following way: “I realize we’ve had a bad year and there have been layoffs, but I’ve been doing more work and I think I deserve a raise. You just gave [your superior] ammunition to say no. Instead of highlighting the negative: Try something like, ‘In the past 12 months, I’ve taken on 25% more responsibility and have been working more hours and I think I deserve to be compensated. Now you haven’t set yourself up to fail,”

Soooo. I have been doing something a little out of the ordinary lately to my skin thinking I’m doing it a favor, just to find out I was wreaking havoc. So the first thing on my list on what not to do if you want great skin, higher self-esteem and more money to spend on other thinks other than your skin is…

  1. TO GET FLAWLESS SKIN DO NOT OVER EXFOLIATE: Facial skin is very sensitive. While scrubbing is good once or twice a week, do not do it every day unless it’s a foam exfoliator. I over exfoliated and ended up with dry skin with little spots of scarring , so tiny that at one point I thought I had freckles ,LOL. So please don’t over exfoliate. And if you have sensitive skin, use a cleanser or a light exfoliator.
  2. TO GET FLAWLESS SKIN DO NOT STOP WEARING SUNSCREEEN: Its almost winter but don’t be deceived. The sun is like a leech and it WILL suck you dry. Sun damage is avoidable; just choose sunscreen that works for you. You can however switch from SPF 50 to SPF 30 or lower in winter, but don’t stop.
  3. TO GET FLAWLESS SKIN DO NOT OVER EAT: Over eating may lead to weight gain which in turn stretches the skin leading to a loss in skin elasticity causing sagging skin. Prevent this by eating until you are full then teach your body to say no. Enough is enough. Its theoretical but it’s worth a try, don’t you think?
  4. TO GET FLAWLESS SKIN  DO NOT SKIP SLEEP: Skin rejuvenates while you sleep so if you are not sleeping, the poor skin has no time to rejuvenate. Sleeping for 3 hours a night for 1 or 2 nights might be ok, but sleeping 2 to 3 hours an entire week is not that forgiving.
  5. TO GET FLAWLESS SKIN  DO NOT STRESS:  Relationships and money are one of peoples biggest stress causes. Honey, if are not making enough money, sit with your friends and discuss how you can increase your bank balances, brainstorm, come up with ways of being more economic because stressing about it won’t help. Relationships? Well… I can’t say much other than relationships aren’t meant to be stressful. Relationships can be challenging but all challenges have solutions.

I stopped over scrubbing, started using sunscreen again, and I sleep more, which has really helped my skin.

Ill post another post on the products I used and how I got the supple dewy look in these images sometime this week, so keep a look out.

Chat soon.




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    1. kea leboga ngwaneshu 🙂

  2. A very informative and helpful article on skin care the proper way and, much more important, how to save money at the same time. Thank you for these tips and suggestions.

  3. thanks for all the tips. Appreciate it

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