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How to get Clear skin In South Africa: PONDS PIMPLE CLEAR: THE NEXT GENERATION

A pimple is a small spot, blackhead, boil, swelling on any part of the body that’s annoying. Pimples are small skin wounds, injuries or inflammations of the skin. Pimples can develop when sebaceous glands (oil glands) become clogged and infected, leading to swollen, red small wounds filled with pus. Pimples are also known as spots or zits

The development of pimples is mostly connected to oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores and bacteria and even yeast infections. Sebaceous glands, which are located underneath hair follicles, can become overactive due to hormone imbalance, which is why acne is most commonly associated with puberty; this is possibly why breakouts occur around the time of menses in all ages of women.

The most likely parts of the body to be affected by pimples are the face, back, chest and shoulders due to the fact that there are a lot more sebaceous glands in these areas of the skin. Pimples are a sign of acne, especially when a breakout occurs.

When I first heard about the Ponds Pimple Cream I thought, No ways… Is this a joke?  I thought I was a joke because there are a lot of products out there that promise a ‘disappearance ‘in pimples in a short period of time, yet, does nothing for the skin. So I did further investigation on how PONDS will achieve giving women clear skin. PONDS promises that the days of covering up, concealing and hiding because of pimples are over. Sounds like a dream right? Especially for those plagued by pimples for a long time and have had no success in removing or preventing them but…  PONDS says that’s It’s time to #StopHiding your smile, your voice, your talent and your beauty with NEW Pond’s Pimple Clear a the hiding stops after getting a clear skin

Clear skin is important because

  1. Clear skin Boosts your Self-esteem and body image
  2. Clear skin helps you be more social and helps one get into relations because you are not self-conscious anymore about your looks.
  3. Clear skin helps you be more open to education and exploring the world because those that are not confident within themselves refuse to go school, leading to poor academic performance and some people with acne take sick days from work, risking their jobs or livelihood. Acne may reduce career choices, ruling out occupations such as modelling that depend upon personal appearance and so forth.
  4. Clear skin can make you a lot happier with one thing less to worry about. Some people with skin problems experience loss of appetite, are Lethargy, have Mood disturbance and just feelings of unworthiness.

I know you might have tried a lot of products to remove pimples but trying the PONDS Pimple cream might give you the relief you need.

A special shout out to PONDS South Africa for gifting me with the Ponds Pimple cream for clear skin package.  LOVE IT!!! I got the PONDS PIMPLE CLEAR Face Wash & Leave-on Expert Cleansing Gel that contains innovative technology to deliver clear, pimple free skin in 3 days.

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