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Ok… So Wonder Woman the movie came out and im sure we have all gone and seen it. But, if you haven’t seen it, it’s still in circulation so make time and go get inspired.  Wonder woman is a story about an Amazon Princess that leaves her Island to explore the world, and in doing so, becomes one of the world greatest heroes.  This specific Wonder woman is first introduced to us in Batman vs Superman, A movie created by DC Comics. I was excited to see Wonder Woman in the movie but she unfortunately only appeared towards the end.   Bumber right?

Anyways, Wonder Woman the movie was exciting to watch. I gave it 8 out of 10. The story line is awesome, and for those of US that don’t read comics but only watch movies, the story line was interesting to. Loved the costume, loved her character, girl power, her beauty and her strengths. They sure picked the perfect person to play Wonder Woman.


What we love about her

Wonder woman, unlike other female super heroes, wait… but are there any other badass superheroes??? No… Ok, let’s rephrase. Wonder woman can stand and be part of all the male superheroes because she doesn’t just have combat skills, she actually has powers and she is TALL!.  We loved the facts that wonder woman was formed by a God and that she isn’t a Super Woman, because if she was related to Super Man, she would have had Kryptonite issues, which is boring and old and none progressive. She is her own person with her own strengths and origins etc.

What we wish we also had that she has

We wish we had grown up on an island with Just women so that there were no men comparing us to them or constantly being looked down upon because we are women (the weaker sex) . In this life, its hard to grow up with self-confidence because everybody tries to squash it. It’s rare to find men and sometimes women that encourage self-esteem nurturing, strengths and progression. So living on an island with just women would have been ideal for all girls. We would learn how to protect ourselves, how to take care of ourselves and simply how to survive because we wouldn’t have men to ‘lean on’. I want to go more into this topic but on another blog post.

What we hate about her

Oh my gosh! Is there anything we hate about Gal Gadot Wonder woman? I think not!! Well, let me continue about DC Comics. DC Comics are not hilarious, but this movie managed to bring a fun side to DC comics super heroes. DC comics’ movies are also very long… and this one was no exception. I REALLY Enjoyed this movie BUT, it was too long.  At some point I was  OVER IT, ready to walk out because we had picked the 10:00 show which ended roughly around 1/2am. OK.. but on a more serious note, WE WISH WE HAD THE TIME TO SPEND ATTHE GYM JUST SO WE COULD LOOK LIKE HER, HAVE HER BUNS, HAVE HER THIGHS AND HAVE HER GUNS.

Gal God is an amazing wonder woman with true strength from her femininity.

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