Eyebrows: Used a dark brown eye-brow pencil and shaped it with LA Girl PRO concealer.

Eyes: Used a yellow eye-shadow for my eye-lids and blended it with a brown eye-shadow that I extended to the brow bone just underneath my eye-brows. For the eye lashes, I used the Rimmel London Mascara. I don’t like how it clumps up my very thick eye-lashes but it will have to do for now.

Skin: Used the Yardley Stay fast foundation in the colour chestnut. I feel the Chestnut has become a little too ‘red’ for my skin tone as my skin has become a shade lighter ever since winter began but it’s not an issue I can’t solve.

Also used La Girl Pro Concealer in the colour Chestnut under my eyes and also used it on my forehead for contouring. It also graced the nose, chin and in-between my lips and nose.

Lips: Used the LA GIRL Matte liquid lipstick in the colour Rex… I don’t really like this lipstick and I don’t really recommend it because it makes your lips sticky and really messes red all over your mouth when you taking it off or kissing someone or eating something. Not my favourite but I bought it so I might as well use it.

Uses the la girl Pro concealer to fix minor messes the lipstick might have done. THE LA girl concealers work great. Love them and if you can get your shade I’d say go for it

I didn’t want to put any pigmented compact powder on my face as there was already a lot happening there so I opted for Yardley Absolutely translucent powder. Dont let this product fool you; It looks white but when you apply it with a brush it really smooths out everything and takes away any shine that was there. Highly recommended… just don’t use too much of it or your face will appear too dry and/or white.

Cheeks: I didn’t use a blusher when blushing my cheeks, I simply picked from the eye shadows already available to me. The eye shadows I used are a mix of the red ones on the right hand side of the eye shadow palette. NB. The bottom four on the right hand side of the palette. not the blushless or bronzers, but the small circled eye-shadows…

Would you recreate this look for a party or a girl’s night out and do you know anyone that would Love to try out this yellow, brown and red fun makeup looks black girls combination? Please share.

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