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Using one brand is good for the skin as well as the cohesion on the makeup. Most brands use similar ingredients in almost all their makeup products. A different brand that manufactures makeup may r may not use the same ingredients with a different formula or the brand may use a similar ingredient in the formula but not the same as other brands.

The makeup of the day includes two brands mainly L’Oréal and LA Girl. LA Girl is a very cheap product but la girl has nice concealers and is a recommended brand if you are on a budget. A product from LA GIRL that does well are their concealers. The concealers recommended for darker skin women are Toast, Chestnut, Espresso and depending on how light your dark complexion is, can even use the toffee concealers. LA girl has plethora of Concealers for almost every skin tone. You won’t regret it. A lot of beauty bloggers in AMERICA, Europe and even South Africa use them.

The Blush Collection comes in 3. There is Spice, GLOW, Pinky and GLAM. The one used in this post is SPICE for browner skin women. Al the sets come with a highlighter perfect for the kind of look you want to achieve.

No look is one with a beautiful lipstick and L’Oréal Paris Color Richie Rouge is the perfect finish to a spicy, hazel look. The matte red is almost as red-orange as the Ruby Woo from MacCosmetics so works perfectly if you are looking for an alternative to MAX.

Finally, The perfect finish. The L’Oréal Makeup finishing spray sets and extends makeup so you can wear it for the whole day. Its anti-fade, anti-melt and anti-crack. This product is also best used when you just want a little refreshment to tired look because of a long day.

The LA Girl and L’Oréal Compact is fire. Try the combo or try the brands separately. Regardless, you will love it.


Primer: L’Oréal Mattifying Infallible Primer

Foundation: L’Oréal Mattifying Infallible Foundation Colour 33 Cappuccino

Eye Shadows: Number 1, 2, 3 and 4 in LA Girl Blush Collection in SPICE

Under eye Concealers: LA Girl PRO Conceal In colour Toast

Blush: Number 2 in LA Girl Blush Collection in SPICE

High Lighter: Number 4 in LA Girl Blush Collection in SPICE

Eye Liner: Kylie Cosmetics Black Pencil Eyeliner

Lipstick: L’Oréal COLOR Richie 347 Matte Rouge

Eye Liner: Kylie Cosmetics Black eye Pencil


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