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Cyprian and I recently became friends. To make a long story short, I’m not even going to tell you all how LOL, it would take more than the 400 words I’m aiming at in this article. In a nut shell, my mom lives in England, I went to visit England and, the rest is accent (ancient) history.

While you can’t necessarily tell where a person is from by simply looking at them, fortunately or unfortunately you can tell by listening to them speak. He is British. So he speaks the normal English but in the accent of the queen. His accent is always interesting to listen to; I make fun of it all the time.
Friendship is effort, its making a conscious decision to be friends with someone. People these days think that the only friendship you should maintain is one of a romantic love affiliation, which is not true. And looking at life like that makes you short sighted.
When you break up with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, you will need friends to cry on. Who are you going to cry on when you have isolated yourself? Whose shoulders are you going to use when, God forbid, he or she passes away? A friendship, like all other relationships, needs cultivating. It’s a balance you need to maintain.
I have this awesome friend that always visits me when I’m in her country. I always feel very special when she does that because I know she has a job and she works long hours but she tries. I can’t go back home without seeing her and every time we meet it feels like magic. Friendships should not only start and end on social media and I appreciate those that know this.

‘Going back to Cyprian’
I can’t tell you about him, you are going to have to get to know him by yourself. What I can tell you thou is that he’s good peeps, great company and he’s my chomie. If you want a great night out he is your man. I forgot what we were talking about in some of these images where I’m laughing uncontrollably, but I can promise you that it was comedic. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe the night we had, I can only leave you with glimpses below.

Cultivate your friendships and don’t take them for granted. You never know when you will need them or when they will need you.
I’m currently in Mozambique – This post was supposed to have been up two days ago but I’ve been on the road and we had issues with WiFi… but since you guys are my friend, I’m hoping you will understand?.
Looking forward to interacting with you guys next year, as I doubt I’ll be able to post anything else until 2016. For images on my Mozambique trip please visit Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. Just look for Beliciousmuse.
Happy New Year
Luv ya



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