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Life is better with Friends that become family; Lebos birthday at Boabab Restaurant

Lebogang Molefe and I have been friends for over a decade. But just before I start, I want to be a bit petty. I usually go to most of my friend’s birthday parties but they are NO WHERE to be found when it is my birthday. Their excuse is always almost that my birthday is on the 1st of January and that they are not around. Forgetting that January has 31 days and presents are always welcome. This is just a little fyi before I dive in and tell you guys what a wonderful time we all had at Baobab Restaurant Wonderboom junction.

So, now that that is out of the way, Lebogang and I have been friends for a very long time and as all relationships go, it’s never always smooth sailing. We have had our fair share of break ups and make ups but the fact that we are still friends till this day shows a lot about both our characters and how much we have fought for this friendship.

In my opinion, what caused some of our biggest fights was lack of effective communication. I had said something, she had said something, we both replied but in between there were things unsaid. Sometimes it’s hard to be honest if you think the friendship will crumble, but on the other hand, the friendship will eventually crumble if there are so many things unsaid.

Before I came to this place in my life where I am fully ready to tell my friends about my heart breaks, frustrations and inconveniences about life, I thought that she couldn’t possibly understand ALL, so I couldn’t tell her. Now, I don’t care if she understands, I tell her regardless and try to make her understand. It’s come to a point whereby I even don’t care if she judges me or not, she’s my friend and I want her in my life. If I don’t build an environment of trust, my friends wont trust me. I FOUND THAT OUT THE HARD WAY. Friends, if they are honest, become family and I don’t lie to my family, neither do I shield them from the truth. My family takes me as I am, and I take them as they are. Lebo became family and keeping secrets and trying to save face is not my thing with her. I’m already pretending to the world, I can’t pretend with my family. IF I do pretend, what is life if I can’t be my authentic self with the people I claim to love.

Lebo and I are so close that we used to party on Friday nights and go to church the following day on Saturday.  Hahahaha, it was hilarious, suffering from a hangover then asking God to take way your sins.

Celebrating Lebogang Molefe’s Birthday at Baobab Wonderboom Junction was as beautiful as she is. Everyone she has ever known and loves came to support her. You could feel the magic in the air. There where so many people and unfortunately, I couldn’t put them in this blog as I didn’t want to go through getting consent from all of them. So, in these images, it looks like the party consisted of just us too. I don’t mind the perception that the party was just us, because LEBO is MY FRIEND hahahahaha. We are not sharing here.

Baobab Wonderboom junction provided us with a beautiful setup and gave us the privacy we needed to celebrate a legend. The food at Baobab Wonderboom junction was beautiful, tasty and palatable. Every dish came out as if the chef was preparing for just two people dining, but we were many, 30 plus. If you guys have been to huge gatherings, the food tastes different prepared for many people. But at Baobab wonderboom junction, the food tasted like all the other times we have visited the grill restaurant, Impeccable.

Thanks Baobab wonderboom junction for the amazing experience and thank you Lebo for inviting me to you party. For the record, you owe me a birthday gift. Ill wait.

Love you Lebo, Love you guys



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