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I took a connecting flight from Johannesburg to London. I would have taken a straight flight but i thought it to be interesting to do a stop in Kenya, even if it was just for a few hours. I met a couple of interesting people on board. I was seated next to  a gorgeous 35 year old Indian woman who had just gotten married. They apparently met when she was 30 and married 5 years later.

We talked for hours; was an interesting but short flight.

The flight from Kenya to Heathrow  was a bit longer and that’s the reason for this post. If you are a frequent flyer, you probably know this already but ill share it anyway 🙂


1. HAND LUGGAGE ESSENTIALS: Wet wipes, regardless of your gender, are a must. Face gets sweaty and you cant exactly wash your face  in the bathroom sink as the only sink is in the toilet.  Carry Wet wipes, Always! 3 in 1 makeup removals are a thumbs up.

2. A good Moisturizer , but a small one, is very important, especially when you have people waiting to pick you up at the airport. You dont want to be  looking like you’ve been in the dessert for 5 months. The bottle has to be small or it will just be left behind as liquids are not allowed to be more than 100ml. I learned that the hard way a couple of years ago when i was forced to leave behind an intire kit of Nutrigina Scrubs and Face Washes because the were too big. #StoryOfmyLife.

3. HAND LUGGAGE ESSENTIALS: A sane person will carry a tooth brush and use it either in transit or when they reach their final destination. A lazy person will just carry the mouth wash and brush the teeth when they have reached the hotel. The choice is honestly dependent on preference but a small bottle of Mouth Wash does the trick…

4. HAND LUGGAGE ESSENTIALS: Who forgets to buy gum before take-off? You’ll be amazed but a lot of people either don’t care how bad their breath stank or they honestly just forget to get the gum. Gum is essential for a flight longer than 11 hours and if the person you have sat next to has slept for more than 2 hours and  doesn’t want the gum you are offering –  then Insist! Ok not really insist, but you get the picture.

5. HAND LUGGAGE ESSENTIALS: Roll-on goes hand in hand with Wet wipes  and deodorant. All of these are designed to keep you fresh until you hit the shower. The airport is full of different kinds of people.  Love yourself enough to be presentable at all times, even at Customs.

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