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Ankara Tribal Print fabric: FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY

FREEDOM FROM COMFORMITY AND SLAVERY:Ankara Tribal print Fabric, Tribal Print Dress

There is a growing need for people to try to conform us. Try to tell us what to wear, how to wear and when to wear it. These people… have they never heard of freedom of choice? Clearly not! Because I recently read an article talking about women encouraging other women to moving away from dressing sultry like Bela Hadid to dressing more like Kate Middleton. While both ladies are beautiful, let’s take note that they have their own sense of style. To wear modest or not is your choice, just don’t impose your view on others. Do You!

Dressing ‘modestly’ is a term used mostly by western countries and only recently dropped in Africa. And when I say recently I mean maybe plus/minus 1000 years. The sun that rotates and sometimes streams its rays in Europe doesn’t do that in our Africa. Here its heat wave after heat wave. But The modern African girl will try to cover herself up because she lives around people that don’t UNDERSTAND freedom.

A slave refers to a condition in which individuals are owned by others. The others control where they live and where they work and how they dress. Slavery had previously existed throughout history; in many times and most places. The ancient Greeks and the Romans all had slaves! Slavery is an illegal, economic system in which principles of property law are applied to humans. Slavery allows people to be classified as property, to be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and cannot withdraw freely from the arrangement.

But slavery still exists today. If not physically, it’s mental. Mental slavery is the illusion of Freedom. It is a state of mind where discerning between liberation and enslavement is twisted. Where one becomes trapped by misinformation about self and the world and can’t make informed decisions.

One of the biggest misconceptions about ourselves and the world is that the world sets standards for us to live by. I do however acknowledge that culture plays a very important role in our dress code, and that people in autocratic countries are still being murdered for not dressing ‘appropriately’. This just takes us back to the point that we are still not free. Some of us are still in bondage.

People will fight for freedom when men as well as females are being oppressed. Freedom is not fought for when one gender benefits while the other suffers. So forget it, you will not see revolutions rising against poor treatment of people if one sex is not affected by the oppression. Now since dress code oppression affects women more than men, the war of dress code liberation is still a long way from over. But it will be over.

I was telling someone how hot Mozambique was during the summer and that I wished I didn’t have to wear so many clothes just to get to the beach and he laughed. He said that I was taking us back to the Stone Age and that as a people we need to evolve! Not reverse back to barbarism.

So… Now going to the beach in a bikini is being barbaric? Who set these standards??? How dare you! When Europeans arrived in Africa, like everyone who comes from elsewhere into new terrain they had something to say about the way we lived. To them coming from icy climates which required them to wear clothes, our loin skins, (although we had cotton weavers) grass and live in thatch huts were a pitiful sight of primitiveness. They found it upon themselves to bring us their ‘Civilization’. But nudity was our way of life.

The modern African has been schooled in the cultural ideology that “nude is naughty”. Then nudity is regarded as sexual! Naked remains complex because we have laws against our own bodies! Our nakedness looks bad because our associations of nudity are often limited to porn, sexuality or a gimmick. But there’s no good definition of what’s indecent about the human body.” There is nothing wrong with us that we should hide it. The sooner we transform our minds higher, the sooner we can move forward as a people.

While I do acknowledge that those that come from the snow lands came with antibiotics, it wasn’t fare to try eradicating our culture. And it’s sad that some of our fellow brothers and sisters still see nudity as a barbaric. We could have worked together and lived and learned from one another. This could have gone differently.

I was taught that when I go to church I should consider the weaker brethren and wear clothing that doesn’t entice him to sexual thinking. But I’ve come to realize that even if I was wearing a kurta and covered my head with a scarf and only had my eyes out, a lustful man will undress me with his eyes anyways. With that being said, I chose to wear whatever makes me comfortable within the law of the county I am in. And I chose to wear it not having anyone one else in mind but me when choosing my outfits. So I will dress or undress for myself. Because when I dress for him or anyone else, It limits my practice of freedom, which is available to all.



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  1. Tommy Madiba says:

    Bravo. ??
    Mental Slavery is seriously an issue

  2. Beautiful article! I resonate with this. In my case my dress style is masculine. You can imagine the looks I get everywhere I go. Truth is, if we eradicate dress code barriers, we would be a freer society. Mental slavery still very much exists. #Non-conformityRules

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