Orange sweat pants and matching top

Foschini Orange Sweatpants are cute winter MUST haves

8 Reasons Foschini Orange Sweatpants are cute winter MUST haves

After spending a year in a Panoramic, I have accepted that sweats, Foschini orange sweatpants, and anything that looks and feels comfortable is my go-to functional wear. Sweats are not just for the gym anymore and these Orange Sweatpants, although they could have been worn after or during a gym session, were worn to a picnic on Freedom Day. I could have worn jeans, a tank top and some sneakers, but the Foschini Orange sweatpants were calling my name.

Very proud of myself for choosing such a risky colour and for wearing a crop top in public. I cannot remember the last time I wore a crop top other than at the gym. This was fun. The perfect sweatpants are athleisure and can be worn in many ways. These Orange sweatpants are from Foschini and in this article, I will give you 8 Reasons why these Foschini Orange sweatpants are a cute Winter must have.

1. Foschini Orange Sweatpants and matching top are warm

I hate being covered up. I tend to hyperventilate if I am too warm. My body temperature is always high, and I must keep myself cool by keeping my armpits free to ‘ventilate.’ South Africa is such a warm country that even when it is cold, its not THAT cold. This is obviously Autumn, and Winter is still coming. But the Orange Sweatpants and matching top kept me warm throughout the day. These Sweatpants and matching crop are made from Brushed Fleece. Some of the advantages of Brushed fleece are it is soft and pleasant to wear. IT is also lightweight and naturally hydrophobic. It holds less than 1% of its weight in water when fully soaked. Its the perfect Autumn/ Winter wear.

2. The Foschini Orange Sweatpants and matching crop top are flattering to the female body

This matching set is well-designed. Most women have a pooch, fupa, below the belly button. So finding clothes that hide that area can be good for our egos and self esteem. I saw the fashion set as soon as I walked into Foschini Menlyn Mall. I was not planning on buying anything, but as soon as I tried on the Orange Sweatpants , I knew I was going to go home with them.

3. Foschini Sweatpants are stretchy and fit curvy girls

The sizes range from size Small to X-Large. I took the Large and it fit perfectly. These pants are true to size. The elastic on the waistband turns these Orange sweatpants to either a high waist or a low rise. You choose. Look good either way.

4. Orange is a beautiful but Risky colour to wear

Before this purchase I did not own a single pair of bright sweats. I do, however, have a bright orange Blazer/ jacket of which I do not wear often because it is always too hot to wear in Pretoria. But I chose this orange drip because I don’t have anything like it in my wardrobe. I also have the Brown set, which is also available in White. SHOP HERE.

5. Sweats can be styled up or down.

Instead of reaching for a sweatshirt when heading outside, try wear the sweatpants with a summer blazer if its hot or a winter coat if it’s much colder. This will immediately make your look more put together and high fashion. You can add a belted trench coat, a leather jacket, or denim jacket. The coat or blazer will give the sweatpants and matching top  a more dressed-up feel than a sweatshirt might.

Sweats can be styled up or down depending on the occasion and the mood. A pair of heels is a game changer. Stilettos or heeled sandals are perfect for date-night or a girl’s night out. A fancier shoe is going to elevate your look 100 percent. For more casual wear, try slip-on sneakers, Chuck Taylors or booties. Try Avoid Ugg boots or flip-flops, they scream “shabby” when worn with sweatpants.

6. Foschini Orange Sweat Pants are Fitted And True to size

Sweatpants that have a tailored look are on-trend and turn the “sweatpants are for slobs” bias on its stomach. A slim fit and tapered leg are key for getting this look right. The pants will still have a casual, slouchy look, but they should fit more like a pair of trousers than the oversize sweats you wear when you’re home sick.

Large, baggy, or oversize sweatpants generally aren’t flattering. You want a cut that compliments your curves, not overwhelms them.

7. Accessorize, but keep it simple.

 You need to pay extra attention to the details to make sweatpants look great. Round or oversize sunglasses will make your look super chic. A beanie will give your outfit a casual, athletic vibe. Add some glamour with a nice pair of drop earrings or a statement necklace. Try a large, eye-catching bracelet or watch and simple stud earrings.

8. Foschini Sweatpants are on trend. Many people are wearing them.

Kim Kardashian is still wearing sweatpants till this day. With the rise of athleisure, leggings and track pants have become the norm and, in 2021, the trend is growing even faster. These baggy bottoms are being incorporated into full-blown looks, usually paired with a super-tight tank or bodysuit, a simple bandeau, or an ultra-cropped crop-top. As for the shoes? They can range from flat pool-slides to sky-high stilettos. you don’t have to spend a ton of money if you dare to try this look yourself. Click HERE to shop the look.


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