an impressive Forever New short floral Dress sneak peak

Finding this Short Floral dress with long sleeves from Forever New has been exciting. I have been looking for something like this for months.  I love wearing florals, but I also love showing off my legs. This combination is perfect for me. Forever New short floral Dresses are a must have. The fabric is luxurious, and the fit is perfect for almost anyone. The Forever New Floral dresses seem true to size and they have this elastic around the waist that make wearing these dresses so easy. The dress itself does not stretch but this Forever New Short Floral dress has a wide neckline, making the fit easy and comfortable.

Floral dresses in Winter or Summer

Trends are constantly changing with each season. But floral dresses, especially Short Floral dresses are always in season and in style. You can style them in winter, and you can style them for Summer, and they will always look good and appropriate for the weather. I can wear Short floral dresses with stockings, knee high boots topped with a cool leather jacket in winter. I can also wear Short floral dresses with open toe sandals, a cute sling bag and bright hair accessories in Summer. But I am writing this blog in autumn. Just before leaving for work and this past weekend was warm, not hot, so I chose to wear this dress with brown heels and golden-brown hair accessories.

Floral dresses remain an important wardrobe essential. These kinds of dresses are dependable, timeless, and chic. The floral dress can be worn everywhere and anywhere from work to weddings.

Moms’ reaction to her daughter wearing Forever New Short floral dress

If my mom were seeing or reading this post about Forever New Short Floral dresses, she would have some words to say about how short the dress is. And she would probably be expressing her disappointment in the ‘bad decisions’ I’ve made when it comes to clothing. But wait, my mom sometimes reads my blogs and if she is reading this I would like to ad, mom, don’t I look cute? Love you thou.

The Shortest dress I have ever worn out in public

So, lets be real and keep it one Hundred. This is a mini dress. It is a gorgeous dress, but it is a short mini dress. But its also so fresh, cute, and youthful. I believe that life should be lived and lived in abundance. I also believe that women should do whatever they want and wear whatever they want. So… I wore this short floral dress and thankfully I was out with my friend Kagiso, who also took these images.

But there was this one time where I had to bend over and fix my shoe, or the other time when I had to oil my legs for the photography. So, what I did was squat. Cause there was absolutely no way I was bending over to do ANYTHING in this dress without flashing my butt to anyone walking or standing behind me.

Even closing the boot of my car could have been a violation or caused an uproar. lol It was hilarious.

Thunder thighs in Forever New Short Floral dress

Because I am a big body girl, I like wearing short dresses that are at least one size bigger than what I would normally buy. I have amazing thighs (Yes, I do hype myself up) but they are also big thighs. so whatever dresses I wear I always fill up either nicely or over fill. This same dress on a girl hat has skinnier thighs would probably sit/fit differently. And they maybe would not need to upsize the dress. But between my thighs and my butt, picking a dress one size bigger has helped me a lot in the past.

Thick girls also have options

I Love seeing different sizes of girls try on the same dress and compare how the same dress looks on the thicker one verses the skinnier one. All or most of my friends are my size so the comparison game could not happen. But I will link an image or an article where you can shop this dress and see how it looks on a different model.

Jasmine Petite Skater Mini Dress

Jasmine Petite Skater Mini Dress

For shorter, petite girls the Jasmine Skater Mini Dress is perfectly proportioned to fit five’3”/161cm and under height, so a person will never have to worry about alterations ever again.

Forever New Short Floral Dress Garment notes

This garment is made using recycled polyester. This is a sweet and playful skater dress perfect for warmer days but perfect for any season, and u can wear it wherever and whenever you like. The total length of the dress is 85cm (for the Size 8) so tall girls should purchase this at their own discretion. Cause this dress can be short. Th Forever New Short floral dress is a regular fit and is made from Lightweight woven fabric.

It has the classic V line, Sheer blouson sleeves with elasticated cuffs and Elasticised waistband for flattering fit which I really enjoyed because it sinched me at the waist perfectly.

This perfect Forever New Short floral dress has a Removable waist-tie, and it is deigned to make it easy for you to simply just slip it on. OK, So I have said a lot about this dress, and I believe I have done this dress justice.

The Forever New Short Floral dress can be purchased HERE in south Africa.

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